Debate Day

Respect, or fear? Trump is throwing his temper tantrum, and the media is eating it up. This, what ever this is, is a circus, a side show, people watching just to see what Trump is going to do next.

Fear is what Trump does. We are seeing who he really is. A sad man who needs attention, and fear is how he rules and owns his friends. Trump is doing his debate still. He has been since he refused to be at the debate tonight. And anyone who stands in his way, friend or not, he destroys. He is on Twitter acting like high school girls! I wont give him, high school girls, middle school girls.

He has mocked those with disabilities. Now he is going to a fund raiser with our disabled vets? Trump who dodged the draft, and if you are POW you are not a hero. My passion, my love in life is helping our Vets. My Pops, my cousin, my friends, all family to me. Does Trump know anything about PTSD, about triggers and anniversary dates? Please, do not be fooled! Trump needs votes, and he is going to our vets for those votes.

Full statement on Trump declining to participate in Fox News/Google Debate | Fox News

As many of our viewers know, FOX News is hosting a sanctioned debate in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday night, three days before the first votes of the 2016 election are cast in the Iowa Caucus. Donald Trump is refusing to debate seven of his fellow presidential candidates on stage that night, which is near unprecedented.

Source: Full statement on Trump declining to participate in Fox News/Google Debate | Fox News

Really, what do you do, what do you say? It gave Trump just what he wanted form the media, a lot more attention. So, he wants the disabled vets vote. That is all this is, attention and using our vets. It sickens me, and it pisses me off. Trump has not done nor said anything to get my vote, or for me to take him seriously. This is a reality show for Trump. Think about that, really think about it. He is a bully! He does not care about the middle class!

Not Feeling It

Cloudy, cold, boring.

I am having a, blah day. Both football teams I wanted to win yesterday, lost. I am a Paton Maning fan to, I wish him and the Broncos the best of luck February 7, which also happens to be my Birthday. It will be, the old verses the young. Not that Paton is old, not in the least. He is old in football years. I have respect for him, I do not for Cam. I think he has some growing up to do. And that is my personal feelings, nothing more. I cannot point out one instant for my reason. Like I said, personal feeling.

I think I burned myself out on politics the last few weeks. I feel good about backing Cruz for President. I have never felt as comfortable in the past voting as I do now with Ted Cruz. His speech I watched on The Blaze TV this weekend cemented my vote. Ted seems very humble. He will respect being President, he will fight for the Constitution, and lead us. We have not had a leader, someone who stands and fights beside America for what is right, what our fore fathers fought for.

Sadly, we have Trump who is the front runner. I just do not get it? And I am sick of saying that! People are mad and rightfully so. Are we trying to elect someone to be proud and a king, or humble and a president? Pride in this, is a pride that is going to be bad for America, for our allies, and the world. The world people! Our economy is holding on by a thread. Electing someone who is rich because you think it is going to save us. Trump is not that person!

I am the only Republican\Conservative in my family. And I am so fed up hearing about, and I will quote my Mother, did you hear what Trumpy Baby said? And for some reason or another, everyone in my family thinks I love Trump, and I am going to vote for Trump. I have made it as clear as I can, I am not voting for Trump. My family are Berny fans. I know I will never win my family over with my political views. A victory, a small one at that, not every republican is voting for or likes Donald Trump. If I can somehow convince my family of that fact, I will feel a little better about myself and can count one tiny victory. It will not be an easy task in the least. I cannot talk to my family about the elections or anything to do with our government. They yell first, and do not ask questions latter. I refuse to be hurt and belittled. While I am in my glory because it is an election year and we like every election year have a chance to elect the next greatest President of the United States. I have very few who share in or who I can disgust this time in our history.

So maybe it is not,” I am not feeling it today.” I love this. Maybe I am dishearten, and afraid of the unknown.


Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz for President |

Source: Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz for President |

I have been a fan of Glenn Beck since I caught his show on Fox. When he went to the Blaze I started watching when I was going through cancer and needed something to keep my mind busy. I have not always agreed with Glenn, but I have always respected him. He can admit to his wrongs, and he stands firm with what he believes. I have learned so much, not only about politics and the issues we are facing as a Country. But I have learned life lessons to. I will take the stand and vote for Ted Cruz.  And, you know, it feels comfortable, it feels right.

January 20th

What happened to Sarah Palin? How can a leader of the Tea Party and a Conservative endorse Donald Trump? He has flip flop on all most every issue. Trump is really not nice and I think he is a bully. I have trouble writing about him. I am dumb founded!  I think Sarah Palin has left a lot of her supporters feeling betrayed. As I have said before, I do not understand peoples blind faith in this man. Please, explain it to me. Explain with out yelling, with out name calling, and not going after the others who are running. I only want to know about Trump, and why you are voting for him. So far, no one has.

Report: Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President | Fox News Insider

Sarah Palin is officially endorsing Donald Trump for president.

Source: Report: Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President | Fox News Insider

Can it get any better? I have so many questions!

I do not care for Sarah Palin. I do not care about all the family drama that is somehow newsworthy.  I was not shocked when the news came out today.

Anyone who comes out for Trump to lead the greatest super power of the world, does not do their homework. Trump is not a Republican, not a Conservative.  He is a bully! Why can Trump get away with so much for so long? He has not been a Republican for that long. He does not hold the morals and values. He lies, he is mean, he is again, a bully!

I have not wrote about Trump. I do not know what such blind faith people have in him. I do not know what would change peoples views? How can he be any worse and people still think he will make a good POTUS? He is a disgrace, and I feel I no longer know my party, and I sure in the hell do not belong. Why have I not wrote about Trump? I am not a bully! And because I do not care for Donald Trump, and those who have the same views as me. We are screamed at, cursed at, called nasty names, and bullied! How can you change someones mind, or just to listen to what I have to say before getting treated so awful before I finish the first sentence.

First time is not always the hardest

I have two sites here. My primer site, and this current one. I love to write, I am a news junkie, I love learning our history, and I love politics.

I became sick, I stopped writing all together. And that is when I started not writing. I am trying to move on from that part of my life. I do not want to talk about being sick, I do not want to talk about breast cancer. I just want to move on.

I loved to write as long as can remember. But more often then not, I got in trouble as a child for what I wrote about. What does most preteen, and teenager complain about, parents. Needless to say, my writing  was never went over good.

So, here I sit. Trying to do a good Blog. The Blog that I had, was a good Blog. I was proud of that Blog. I had a following, I had people link to that Blog. I let it all go. Trying to capture that site has been so hard!

If you write for anyone else but yourself, it will not work. That is what I believe, and I have to follow that belief. I think now that I am trying to get back into what I love, I was writing for others, not for myself.

I have to just go for it!