Debate Day

Respect, or fear? Trump is throwing his temper tantrum, and the media is eating it up. This, what ever this is, is a circus, a side show, people watching just to see what Trump is going to do next.

Fear is what Trump does. We are seeing who he really is. A sad man who needs attention, and fear is how he rules and owns his friends. Trump is doing his debate still. He has been since he refused to be at the debate tonight. And anyone who stands in his way, friend or not, he destroys. He is on Twitter acting like high school girls! I wont give him, high school girls, middle school girls.

He has mocked those with disabilities. Now he is going to a fund raiser with our disabled vets? Trump who dodged the draft, and if you are POW you are not a hero. My passion, my love in life is helping our Vets. My Pops, my cousin, my friends, all family to me. Does Trump know anything about PTSD, about triggers and anniversary dates? Please, do not be fooled! Trump needs votes, and he is going to our vets for those votes.

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