Ted Cruz for President

I donated.

My first donation to a Presidential Campaign. I hope I do not regret it. I donated because I think we are at that point in our Country’s history that is critical to our very way of life, liberty and happiness. I want to know I did whatever I could to protect this great nation and protect the Constitution.

We have a Constitution for a reason, how fast we forget. It is not that we forgot per say, it is not being taught in our schools the way it once was not even twenty to thirty years ago. Living by the Constitution is not hard! That has only changed in resent history. We can not keep fighting the Constitution, we do need to fight for the Constitution. Do we not owe it to the generations behind us, and the generations who are now and have fought  for us?

I am feeling comfortable supporting and voting for Ted Cruz. As I said, my first donation to a Presidential Campaign. Mostly because for the first time since I could vote, do I feel like I am not having to vote for, the lesser of two evils. Also, we are at one of those points in history that we have to get this right. The next President can go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents, either for freedom or socialism. We need someone who will fight for our freedoms and our Constitution.

Let US make and keep America great! Not, I will, not one person can. But we, we can keep her great. We can take back what we have lost. We can be part of the greatest come back story, we can be what is taught in schools, what is wrote in the history books. It is our time now, it is up to us!

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