Another Host of The View Threatens to Leave America If A Republican Wins – Christine Rousselle


Source: Another Host of The View Threatens to Leave America If A Republican Wins – Christine Rousselle

It is amazing how the hosts of The View think they are so important to America, that if they threaten to move to Canada we will all change our way of life and vote for a democrat.

The most recent, Raven-Symoné. Let me get this straight, to her and anyone who has said something so ridiculous. You feel so strongly about who gets elected you will leave America if your party does not win. Why? And you feel the need to let us all know, and we should all care. Why?

Of all the things spewed out of Hollywoods mouths, this is what gets my goat each time. And the fact we listen to such dribble is amazing and not to mention this show is still on the air. I do not care what those in Hollywood think about, well, anything. I won’t waste my brain cells watching any Hollywood talk show.

If Raven-Symoné feels so strongly and others too. Do something about it. Go out and campaign, raise money, use your talents to your parties advantage. How can you disrespect your country? Fight for your country, fight for what you what you believe in.

See, that is what is great about America. We can have different views, different beliefs, different values. We do not have to agree with each other about anything. You would get a lot more respect and taken seriously, people would listen. They might not agree but you will still have a good reputation and respect. I think that would be important to you. Use your talents and the platform that is provided to you to do something great for America.


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