To Little To Late

I think it is too late. What did the GOP think would happen? Super Tuesday is tomorrow, tomorrow people! I have said all along, I do not get it, I can not comprehend what people see in Trump? People are angry. Hey, I am angry too. Trump is saying what so many are thinking. It does not mean Trump will make a good President. Be a spokesperson for the American people. He could make such a big difference if he is serious about helping without being President. What will he do if he does not win? Will he still be there for those who looked to him for help?

CNN is the only news outlet coming out and reporting on the negatives of Donald Trump. Fox, is reporting that CNN is looking for ratings, they are a failing Network. What the heck Fox? For years, I have defended Fox! Fox was the one Network that held my views and values. That is of the Republican Party and conservatives. What is the pass you are giving Trump? What are you doing Fox? What is the hold Trump has on the Press? It is just not Fox News. MSNBCs Morning Joe. It is hard to tell the two apart.

If Trump gets the nomination the GOP is over as we know it. If Cruz gets the nomination he will bring the Party back to what it was, to what it is supposed to be. If it is Rubio, the Party, at least, stays as it is. I do think Rubio will make good changes. But can he make those big changes we need as a country?

If we truly want change, it is not going to be easy. The saying, “if it sounds to good to be true” still applies. We did not get into this mess overnight.  There is a desperation in both Parties. Desperation its self, cannot make good choices. We need a leader. We are at a tipping point in America. Trump or Hilary will be a disaster to our way of life. And can we recover, I do not think so.

I blame the schools for not teaching our Constitution, not teaching our great history.  I blame the schools for not teaching why America is already the greatest Country. And what makes us the greatest Country. We need to tell stories. Tell the stories of our founding fathers, tell the stories of the Civil War. I have learned more out of school than I have ever learned in school. And when I was in school it was just the beginning of being so politically correct that we are throwing our Nation away.

So, is it too late? I do not know. The people screamed for a king, so they got a king. I pray we do not get a king.

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