Thursdays Stories I Liked

Hannity has managed to interview Trump for hours without ever coming even close to making news.

I think I am starting to feel bad for Hannity. Why does he need Trump to stroke his ego? Maybe Sean is lonely and in need of a friend. What else can explain his actions? The article was written in April.

“My overpaid friends in the media, well, they have their chauffeur-driven limousines, they like their fine steakhouses and expensive-wine lifestyles,” Hannity said in the eight-minute monologue. “None of them are feeling this, the people you’re watching on TV, and therein lies the contempt.”

The media fired back.

This is what I do not understand. The voters Trump needs, the audience Sean needs, are the folks who are fighting against the arrogance these two project.

It is making my head hurt again!

So sad! Hey, we are unifying.

Thursdays Turdays

The title, I know. It has been one of those weeks. Fighting an at times life ending illness and trying to keep up writing is one of those things I have yet to master. But, I will get there. If for nothing else, I am head strong and can be stubborn and not dead yet.

I boycotted writing about the debate on my blog. I did write in my news journal. Oh, why would you do that? It made my brain hurt! We are being laughed at by other countries. I do not know if other countries are laughing at us, but come on. It is embarrassing. Wait, Sean Hannity, he is embarrassing. Is that not the biggest bro crush? Talk about the teachers pet! I wonder if Bill O’Reilly and others (I like O’Reilly I am using him as an example.) are all jealous at the attention Trump gives Sean? I still do not get it.

Gary Johnson. Nothing more needs to be said.

How about the weather. The leaves are just starting to change. The oak trees are getting that little paint brush of red and orange. I love autumn; I wish it were not such a short season. Autumn is a busy time of year for us. Wood needs to be cut and piled, winterizing the house and storage. Putting all summer toys away and getting the winter toys ready. The dogs are blowing their summer coats and a darker heavier fur taking its place. Having three large German Shepherds trust me, it is a ton of fur!

What is up with one sided hot flashes? Since I started hormone therapy, I get hot flashes on the right side of my body. It is literally right down the middle of my body. I can not be the only one, let me know if you want to join this strange club.

A Lazy Sunday Drive

Join me and go on a lazy Sunday drive to stories I find. 

Religion under fire once again.

: The melancholy spectacle of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights issuing a report trashing the first civil right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

What is it going to take to make others see how much freedom we have lost, and know what freedoms we are about to loss?


A 14-year-old has been allowed to “decide” to die

I understand suffering as we suffer watching a loved one suffer and die. I do not know and could never imagine what it is like to watch your child suffer and die. It does not seem right.
Fast becoming one of my go-to sites.
I will never understand. Ted, you have let politics get in the way. Politics became more important than those you promised to be a voice.



Sundays Post

Come on! This is getting embarrassing. Hey, people, teach the students what it means to, pledge the legends to the flag!  Colin Kaepernick, news flash, you are not even that good. And instead of playing football and being known as a good quarterback, heck maybe one of the greats if you work hard. You will not be remembered as an athlete or a  football player. You will not be remembered, and why, because you chose to make football political.

Another One Down

Another one down and bit the dust. Ted Cruz bowed down to the political pressures and is casting his vote for Trump. It is a slap in the face and a punch in the gut. We stood by and did nothing. We took cues from those who we trusted. We donated time and money to the candidate whom we prayed for.

We listen to Trump bully and degrade others. When Trump was able to hold on to a coherent thought, it was called breaking news. We were bombarded with everything Trump, waiting each day till the circus came to town and it became normal.

We stepped aside and trusted those to lead us. One by one they fell. It doesn’t matter how dangerous Trump or Hillary is to not only America but the world. We watched as they fell and joined the dark side.

There is a lesson learned, putting faith in man will never end well. It is sticking to and holding on white knuckle to your faith, morals, and values. Not jumping off the merry-go- round because before it slows down it spins fast and becomes hard to hold on to at first.We trusted, you Mr.Cruz, as our last hope, as our last hero so to say. I will never vote for Trump nor Hillary. I am going to vote my conscience Mr. Cruz, and I will at least have some dignity left.

The Daily Beast – Cheat Sheet – PM Edition

Source: The Daily Beast – Cheat Sheet – PM Edition

I honesty do not know how I feel about Cruz voting for Trump. I think we all knew Cruz was going to cave. No, I take that back, I know how I feel. I am mad! How is Trump better than Hillary? People who vote Republican\Conservative, like me and so many others can’t vote our party.

I am done voting the lesser of two evils. I have done that since Bill Clinton ran for president. I chose my party that year I turned eighteen. I worked at a gas station ten miles from our little city. It is the last gas station for awhile and the start of our National Forest and our Wilderness. I am truly blessed to live in Gods County on the border to the U.P, Upper Mi.

We see and deal with the government in Madison trying to tell us how to manage our forests and our own land. We are getting squished out by new laws and new zoning laws that are a nightmare. Madison Wi. votes Democrats. In northern Wi. we vote Republican. We survive because of small business.

Trump is not a Republican! His kids are not Republicans. How are maternity leave and child care being paid by the taxpayers and ran by Washington? The list can go on and on.

I do not like Trump as a person. I think he is so far from the Conservative voter’s morals and values, that I can not vote for him. I can’t see the blind faith people have.

Shall we talk about faith? This is a man who said, he never had to ask God for forgiveness because he never sins! And has Bibles all around the house. In fact, the Bible is his favorite book. Come on! Trump would be a better person if he did read just one of his Bibles. He would not treat folks the way he does.

I do pray for God to help guide me. Voting for the right candidate is imperative. I think we are at a turning point in our history. We are so angry as a country.  As I am typing, on TV is the fourth night of protesting in North Carolina. CNN has just reported four dead in a mall shooting in the state of Washington. Because we are numb to the new normal, the news goes on to the next story.

Maybe something will change and in November I will vote for Trump. Truthfully I do not think that is possible. I am not voting for Hillary either. I will write in someone because we have seen our third party candidate.