Does “It” Matter? What Is “This.”

Does it matter anymore and what is, “it?” What went so horribly wrong? Are we going to let party lines divide us? I thought we did this once. I am sick of labels! I am an American; I love my country, and I love my freedom.

We ALL need to come together; we need to come together. It needs repeating; we need to come together. Can anyone see this road we are going down will lead to nothing but destruction? This was not supposed to happen! And now we also have to figure out what “this” is.

I watch the news, hell, I am a news junky as I have been most of my adult life. We have news 24/7. I live in the middle of no place. The nearest town has a population around 1200 year around locals. I have high-speed wireless internet. Now, I am literally a few feet to no reception. I am not picky I will take what I can get in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I am starting to rethink the ease I can get news. The mainstream media is getting in my brain trying to sell me whatever Trump and Hillary are trying to pawn off on me because I am an undecided voter.

I am all so a history junkie.We are watching history unfold right before our eyes. It is up to us, and it is not up to those in the Government. We get to decide now, and we get to decide in November. We have to remember; it is up to us, and we can never forget that.

If we get it wrong, we have no one else to blame. I am a Republican/Conservative. But will not vote my party line if I think it is detrimental to the county and will cause harm. As it stands now, I can not vote for either party. I am sure I will still be undecided right up to the voting both. And I still have to figure out what, “it” and “this” is.


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