The Daily Beast – Cheat Sheet – PM Edition

Source: The Daily Beast – Cheat Sheet – PM Edition

I honesty do not know how I feel about Cruz voting for Trump. I think we all knew Cruz was going to cave. No, I take that back, I know how I feel. I am mad! How is Trump better than Hillary? People who vote Republican\Conservative, like me and so many others can’t vote our party.

I am done voting the lesser of two evils. I have done that since Bill Clinton ran for president. I chose my party that year I turned eighteen. I worked at a gas station ten miles from our little city. It is the last gas station for awhile and the start of our National Forest and our Wilderness. I am truly blessed to live in Gods County on the border to the U.P, Upper Mi.

We see and deal with the government in Madison trying to tell us how to manage our forests and our own land. We are getting squished out by new laws and new zoning laws that are a nightmare. Madison Wi. votes Democrats. In northern Wi. we vote Republican. We survive because of small business.

Trump is not a Republican! His kids are not Republicans. How are maternity leave and child care being paid by the taxpayers and ran by Washington? The list can go on and on.

I do not like Trump as a person. I think he is so far from the Conservative voter’s morals and values, that I can not vote for him. I can’t see the blind faith people have.

Shall we talk about faith? This is a man who said, he never had to ask God for forgiveness because he never sins! And has Bibles all around the house. In fact, the Bible is his favorite book. Come on! Trump would be a better person if he did read just one of his Bibles. He would not treat folks the way he does.

I do pray for God to help guide me. Voting for the right candidate is imperative. I think we are at a turning point in our history. We are so angry as a country.  As I am typing, on TV is the fourth night of protesting in North Carolina. CNN has just reported four dead in a mall shooting in the state of Washington. Because we are numb to the new normal, the news goes on to the next story.

Maybe something will change and in November I will vote for Trump. Truthfully I do not think that is possible. I am not voting for Hillary either. I will write in someone because we have seen our third party candidate.


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