Thursdays Stories I Liked

Hannity has managed to interview Trump for hours without ever coming even close to making news.

I think I am starting to feel bad for Hannity. Why does he need Trump to stroke his ego? Maybe Sean is lonely and in need of a friend. What else can explain his actions? The article was written in April.

“My overpaid friends in the media, well, they have their chauffeur-driven limousines, they like their fine steakhouses and expensive-wine lifestyles,” Hannity said in the eight-minute monologue. “None of them are feeling this, the people you’re watching on TV, and therein lies the contempt.”

The media fired back.

This is what I do not understand. The voters Trump needs, the audience Sean needs, are the folks who are fighting against the arrogance these two project.

It is making my head hurt again!

So sad! Hey, we are unifying.

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