Monday Morning Halloween

Happy Halloween to all that stumble upon my Blog.

On this Halloween morning, I wonder, what is scarier. All the ghost, goblins and little monsters, or the election? The election wins hands down. In just a few days we will go and cast our vote for the President. Like me, if you do not like the candidates, nor do not know who to vote for, please go and vote. Let us show the world we can still have peaceful voting and peaceful transfer of power.

Let us not follow who is the loudest, who is slinging the most mud, or who is the nastiest to each other. Follow not someone else’s crowd because it might be easier. But follow your own crowd, whose number is just one, as it is when you enter the voting booth. Most important, we live in the greatest country on the earth, we have a constitution that gives us freedoms that no other nation does. Let us vote to uphold what our Founding Fathers fought so greatly to give each and every one of us. Never be ashamed, be proud Americans!


Saturdays News: Dumb Asses

I am having a hard time today finding news stories to read, and then post on my Blog. I am so sick of this election! I cannot find one good story about either Trump or Hillary. Maybe I should look for stories about dumb asses? That should cover it all on this Saturday.

                               DUMB ASS

.Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers kneels on the sideline during the anthem prior to the game against the Dallas Cowboys on October 2, 2016 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Do not bring politics into sports! Go protests some place else.

                                           DUMB ASS

Nothing left to say.



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You should have run! You would have won. Biden would have been better than the major two dumb asses that we have now.


Hillary Urges FBI to Release ‘Full and Complete Facts’ of Emails

Hillary Clinton, her campaign torpedoed Friday by newly uncovered emails that may relate to her mishandling of classified information on her private server, said FBI Director James Comey owes voters the “full and complete facts immediately” — urging him, “Let’s get it out.”

Source: Hillary Urges FBI to Release ‘Full and Complete Facts’ of Emails

I think this new information about Hillary and her emails just 11 days out of the election, is going to turn the election around and will start moving toward Trump.


Mark Levin blames Megyn Kelly for Trump’s ‘vicious’ personal attacks: ‘She set the stage’ |

Source: Mark Levin blames Megyn Kelly for Trump’s ‘vicious’ personal attacks: ‘She set the stage’ |

Levin said that question “set a fuse.”

“She was so obsessed with Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump and things that were said back and forth, she set the stage for what became month after month of vicious personal, nasty attacks, and she’s doing it again,” Levin said.

We are losing. We are losing.

We have to all join together; it should not be,”us against them.”

Megyn obsessed with Rosie? I seem to remember Trump is the one who is obsessed with Rosie. If Megan’s interview were, word for word given by a man would there be all this blow back? I can’t believe I even thought that question.

Fridays News

We are all looking forward to November 8th. The election will come and go, and I hope the MSM is wrong and there will be no violence. The way the polls look, I do not think Trump is going to win. Like I have been saying this whole election, it is the people who are going to lose, and sadly it does not matter who is elected we lose.

We can not let anger get the best of us. Schools are being canceled for fear of violence. We need to show the world because they are watching, we can have a peaceful and respectful election.

Hannity is at it again. But this time he getting scary.

Calling God a”master jack ass.”

This is a subject close to my heart. Iam a survivor of breast cancer, the cancer spread to my lymph nods. I lost my left breast, I was a stage 4. You have to go five years before they call you cancer free.

The actress said: ‘I think what’s beautiful and hard and interesting about cancer is that it tears you down and builds you, and tears you down and builds you and it. It remakes you so many different times.

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We’d publish report about Donald Trump suing but we’re too afraid he’d sue us, say lawyers – The i newspaper online iNews

In an ironic twist, lawyers at the American Bar Association are afraid that Donald Trump will sue them if they publish a report on the presidential candidate’s penchant for suing critics. The ABA commissioned the report in response to Mr Trump’s habit of using lawsuits to silence or punish opponents. It concluded that many of the […]

Source: We’d publish report about Donald Trump suing but we’re too afraid he’d sue us, say lawyers – The i newspaper online iNews

We should be worried; our Constitution is under attack.