Being the geek that I proudly am, I love looking at polls. I know polls will lean one way depending on what website is reporting. I still find them interesting. I read both Republican and Democrat-leaning websites. I think you have to. No, I know you have to. It would be like reading a book with only even or odd number pages. You would not get the whole story. And we tend to fill in information that may be right, but could be so wrong. This election we need to be informed, we need to do our homework. I still am an undecided voter.

I still am an undecided voter. I lean Republican but am more Conservative. I can not get myself to vote for Trump. And, hell no, for Hillary. Gary Johnson? He is running as Libertarian. He is the farthest from Libertarian. I think something is wrong with his whole thinking process. I was going to write in Cruz. I do not think I can write in Cruz. I was so taking aback last week. I really feel like a fool. He was the first candidate I donated time and money. It all feels fake.

I said this election I was not going to vote for the lesser of two evils. It is a shame we do vote that way. It is screwed up. Any of the sixteen Republicans that ran would have been better than Trump! We made Trump happen. I am at blame just as much. People are so angry with Washington. We are sick of getting screwed over, watching our freedom being taking away, and P.C. is so over the top. I am not going to change who I am to conform to what others want me to be.

I had breast cancer, and I fought hard. When I was eight, I became very sick. I have an autoimmune disease all so. I take medications to keep me alive but are hard on my body. I am two years cancer free! My point, I look at life a lot different. I love each and every day. My cancer coming back is high in the next five years. I look at the big picture more. I cannot vote the lesser of two evils. So, someone tell me, how do I vote?



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