My Stange Fascination

As I have said before, I am fascinated with Hannity. His utter bro crush to Trump and his contempt for Glenn Beck.

I know this exchange was a while ago. So, why do you have to attack Gleen because it is what your martial art training teaches you to do?

Hannity is a good person, he seems to have a big heart, and is loyal to his friends. It is becoming uncomfortable to watch his show. I do not think Trump’s friendship with Hannity, means the same. If Trump does win and is our next President.(typing that sentence was like nails on a chalkboard) Will Trump keep his close relationship with Hannity? I do not think he will.


Sean Hannity appears on FOX News Channel's "Hannity" at FOX Studios on May 11, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Hannity is going after Megyn Kelly! Why does he want to make enemies and ruin friendships over Donald Trump?  Was trump such a good friend to Hannity before his run for president? I have a lot of questions.


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