Mondays Meanderings

Northwoods of Wisconsin has to be one of the best places in the United States to experience the four seasons. There is something about fall that I love, though. To those who know me, this is no surprise, and I will make sure to tell you in each conversation we have through the autumn season.

One of the reasons I love fall, it meant spending time with my Dad. I loved spending time with my Dad. Like most little girls, I thought my Dad was the coolest Dad in the history of Dads. It was such a busy time of the year for us. There was a lot to get done before the snow flew.

We did not have a “hobby garden,” we had a garden because we needed to eat. The same with keeping the house warm. If we did not get firewood, we would freeze. We all so hunted and fished, picked apples and berries. We came together each year with the rest of my Moms family to help get the bigger chores done. As kids, we thought it was great! We never thought those times were memories in the making, and how we cherish each and every one of those memories.

There was no question asked. Saturdays in the fall meant going out in the woods to make firewood. My brother is nine years younger, and until he was old enough, he did not come out into the woods with my Dad and me.

My Dad passed away from cancer in November 2004. This morning I went outside with my dogs. The way the air smelled and felt, it was like a time machine and I was back in the woods with my Dad. I can hear the sound of the chainsaw. I can see my Dads old ripped up flannel jacket Mom would bring out once a year. I can smell the Oak and Maple trees as Dad cut them into manageable sizes.

I miss my Dad greatly, I always will. I am blessed that something as simple as going out with the dogs can bring a flood of memories and I am back in the woods with my Dad.



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