Tuesdays Stories Toe Stubs

I stubbed my toe first thing this morning. Hence I thought it would make a good title.

The Republican leaders who after the tapes came out, you know, because nothing Trump had said before that point gave them any reason to question Trumps character. They came out and said, they will no longer support Trump. But you are still voting for him……


Because I only play a writer in real life,   article perfectly describes what I have been trying to say. How long can I get away with saying, yup, I still have slight brain damage from Chemo?


While I am no fan of NBC, and I have no personal opinon of Bill Bush, I do not know the guy. Does not seem fair that he will loss his caree over.

Trump tweeting, “the shackles are off.”

I turned on my computer 4 hours ago. I need to close it up, turn it off, leave the house, and try to stop the needle on the turn table that brain feels like today from skipping.  And because I do need all the help I can get with my writing, spelling, and grammer rules, my editor program is not working.

Oh, hands down, I blame Chemo damage brain today. I can make Chemo damage brain days interesting though. So, today Chemo brain damage day with a sprinkling of medication interuption delays.

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