A conservative radio host calls it quits over Trump: “do I really want to be part of this?” – Vox

Charlie Sykes on Trump and the decay of the conservative moment.

Source: A conservative radio host calls it quits over Trump: “do I really want to be part of this?” – Vox

I am one of those who is telling you; please do not go. I have loved talked radio in Wisconsin since I was a child and I would take my little radio, turn it on, and hid it under my pillow at night.

I think talk radio in Wisconsin is playing a huge roll with Wisconsin voting more and more Republican. We are so much more than just Madison Wisconsin. We have a saying, there is Madison, and then the rest of the world. We have always been at odds with Madison here in Northern Wisconsin.

Time and time again, we have lawmakers in Madison who have never stuck their big toe in The National Forests or Wilderness. We have seen a once thriving logging industry tank to nothing. We have seen the deer population diminish to the point where hunters are no longer wasting their money to come up north and keep hunting traditions alive and strong. Fishing regulations so numerous and confusing you think, what is the point?

Conservative talk radio was always there giving us a place to have a voice. I knew as long as we had a solid voice fighting for Conservatives and Republicans across the state. Northern Wisconsin would not totally be overtaken by Madison tree huggers.

I want to apologize to Charlie and to all Conservative radio talk show hosts. I have heard more then a few saying they fear for their shows if Trump is elected. I think it is real fear as Trump said he would go after those in the media who reported something he did not like. I apologize for not being your voice as you have always been mine.

I want to wish you nothing but the best. You will be missed.

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