Am I Disloyal Or Just A Zombie

I would like to think I am a pretty loyal person. If you are family or friend, I will defend you with everything I have. But, I am blessed with a close family and a group of us who are cousins, and we never thought anything less of each other as brothers and sisters. It makes it easy to defend family and friends that you are close with.

In a family of mostly Democrats, I have one aunt who is as passionate about their political party as I am. She lives three hours away. So many family get-togethers, I am left sitting there listening to how Republics will start the zombie apocalypse. With some looks and whispers my way, wondering if I am already a zombie awaiting the perfect time to walk really slow, and start eating everyone’s brain.

I like to think I am not the only Republican/Conservative who does not feel the love right now. Not that I want others feeling the hate, I do not like feeling alone with images of people running as fast as they can away from me, screaming, “the zombies are coming.”

I do not want to be disloyal or blamed for the coming zombie apocalypse. With the release of the tape with Trump, and now Republicans jumping ship like her caption and crew as showing the first signs of turning into, Zombie Cruise Ships. I admit, I never was on board with Trump. And I am not going across party lines and voting for Hillary, who will call her mothership and little green aliens from Mars will start an alien apocalypse.

Maybe I am not disloyal as Trump called me. Maybe I just hold the Republican candidate to a little higher standard. Considering all we have to lose, not only us, but the world. Is holding Trump or Hillary to a higher standard a bad thing? In the meantime, just in case, I will be preparing for either a zombie or alien apocalypse at a secret location.


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