Wednesdays Wanderings

I can not wait for Trump to, teach me all about winning!

I want to vote Republican; I want Republicans to win. And I am sure most of my party feels the same way. We do not want this to be the end of the Republican party. Do you know how many times a day I think, ok I think Hillary is so dangerous, I will have to vote for Trump? I am voting for Trump.

I want Trump to act like he can be President. I want to feel pride towards my President. How can I? How? If this is how he acts when he was shackled to Paul Ryan and the rest of us who need to be taught. What the hell are the next three weeks going to bring?

I think this is the best map for Wisconsin that I have seen.

The poll shows Clinton and Trump tied at 26 percent, McMullin with 22 percent and Libertarian Gary Johnson getting 14 percent if the election were held today. Y2 Analytics surveyed 500 likely Utah voters over landlines and cellphones Oct. 10-11 The poll has a plus or minus 4.4 percent margin of error.

Wow! Is this right?

A little more about McMullin.


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