Thursday Morning

Learning To Write All Over Again

It has been a little over five years since I have tried to do my passion and write daily on a Blog. I never gave up writing altogether. I consider pens and paper my best friends. It is an election year; each day is like Christmas morning. Yes, I am that geeky! It is the perfect time with no excuses to start a Blog again.

One part of picking up blogging again that is dishearting for me. I see how much my illness and current treatment has taken away. I am not using it as an excuse for shitty writing and grammar. I never was that great, and I know that. I never took one class in writing. Gee, can you tell? The creative writing, finding good words and putting those words together to make a coherent sentence that is easy to read yet does not read like a first-grade sentence. I have a program I use for spelling and grammar. I never used anything beyond the basics for help.

Reading and comprehending what I just read has also been a struggle for me, a big struggle for me. At least I have new material to read at all times because I do not remember what the beginning was. I reread chapters and take many notes. Almost all my books are non-fiction. If there is something to learn, I am going to read that book over teen vampires and soccer mom porn. Is that what they called Fifty Shades of Gray? To me, that is strange, not what I read as being strange.

I hope over time, and with practice, I can write in my Blog and feel proud of what I wrote. I can not let myself get so frustrated and listen to the voice screaming, “you suck, give it up already.” And always remember who I write for, myself.

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