Wednesday Night

Just when you think it is safe to say good night to the world and you take a quick peek at the news. There are allegations of Trump doing more than just talking about grabbing women’s body parts. And now Trump is going to sue the outlets who are reporting about inappropriate groping. When all else fails, all Trump has to do is yell, ” Hillary is going to jail.” And everyone yells and claps. Trump is going to make more attacks on Bill Clinton. Blah, blah, blah.

This election is nothing but an embarrassment! What is wrong with us? We have major issues. I want nothing more but this circus side show to be over. I do not even care who wins anymore. Because no matter who wins, we all lose. I feel the Republican party is broken beyond repair. We are split and I do not see us coming back together anytime soon.

Why did I have to check the news, I was so close!

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