Fridays Thoughts

We made it through another week. And we will keep making it, day by day. The world is not going to end, all though it sure feels like it will. I think I have brain overload, and my mind can not comprehend the circus that is happening with our Presidental candidate We cannot talk about the issues. I guess problems magically solved themselves. What the heck did we think was going to happen?

The fall colors were at their peak, and now the leaves are giving the forests a blanket for the winter. My family is busy preparing for the upcoming winter. We have had snow on the ground at this time of the year in the pass.But not this year. We have not seen so much as a flurry.  Weekends are spent getting wood to heat the houses. The weather has been pretty darn near perfect and that makes it so much easier when you are in the woods.

My medications are kicking my butt today. So with that, I bid everyone a good day.

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