Sundays Lazy Drive In My Head

Early morning drive

This very early Sunday morning I was thinking, yes I still think every once in a while, just do not tell anyone. I have been hard on Trump. I expected more from Trump and my party. I am not someone who just jumped the Trump Ship. I never was on the Trump Ship. I do not believe Trump is a real Republican nor a Conservative. I also made a promise to myself, and my Country. I was not going to vote the lesser of two evils again.

The media has focused on Trump. We are letting Hillary off the hook. Yes, news media outlets are reporting the Email dumps by Wikileaks, but it doesn’t sound bad. Why? Have I came to point to except, if they did not murder someone they are not really all that bad. And, I do not like him or her as a person but, they are a good or, will be a good politician.

I am guilty myself of only putting negative stories about Trump and not Hillary. I made myself feel better by saying, ” I have always held my party to a higher stander and expect more.” So, I just reread this paragraph, ” I only put negative stories.”

And a question way out in left field, what is the thinking with starting a sentence with the word, “so.” See, told you so, a question way out in left field.

So, I have to post more negative posts about Hillary and a sprinkle or two happy uplifting stories. That sounds good, hey?

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