Thursday Afternoon News And Thoughts

I can not get a few words Trump said last night at the debate off my mind. I keep thinking about those few words, stewing on those few words.

Washington (CNN)In the final moments of the final presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton was “such a nasty woman” while she was answering a question about how she would raise taxes on the rich to tackle debt and entitlements if she were to become president.

This is a man who said, he respects women. In fact, Trump keeps telling us how no one respects women more than he does. So, not only his, “boy” talk not usual, and we do not know the Trump that everyone close to him says he is. Calling Hillary, a ” nasty women.” We are supposed to believe him, why? Trump is the man who you want to be president? I just want to scream, wake up people, he is a dangerous man! He is going to start riots if he keeps saying the election is rigged.

I hope if Trump is elected, everyone who voted for him makes sure he is a President of the people and for the people. I hope you make sure he first learns the Consitution and follows the Consitution. It is all on you. I will repeat the same advice if Hillary is elected President. It is up to us to make sure we do not loose. It is the only way we will, “make America great again,” and be, “stronger together.” We have a lot of work ahead of us, it is each and everyone one of our responsibility.


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