Thursday Morning News Finds

Thursday’s news findings.

I have a cold/flu thing going on. I did not watch the debate! I did watch the debate when the media played it again in the very early morning hours. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. I really do not know what to say, about the debate. I am not sure who won the debate? Because Hillary or Trump will be our next President, and we have lost. It does not matter who w0n last night. We have already lost.

The election is NOT rigged! Please, people, look at more than one website or any different website that is a pro-Trump!

Come on; I have to post a link with Hannity.

Why did Trump have to say,“such a nasty women?” I think that is the most uncalled remark in the history of debates. It has to be, right? He is a bully! How can Trump say he has nothing but respect for women, yet call Hillary, “such a nasty women?”

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