Thursdays News And It Keeps Getting Worse 

If you have a canoe you are a racist.

Is this for real? People, please STOP being so stupid.

“We have a whole set of narratives that make the canoe into something that seems ordinary,” she continued. “But I think if you look a little further that narrative obscures or erases another narrative – and that narrative is about, to be blunt, it’s about theft and genocide.”

Hannity losing his mind, again.

On his Wednesday radio show, Hannity was especially critical of these folks, so much so that he had to “dump” himself to get calmed down.

“All this garbage from you Never Trumper jerks out there. I’ve had it,” Hannity said. “By the way, that’s more unfinished business. November 9th, I have a lot to say about all of you.”

Referring to Evan McMullin, the Goldman-Sachs globalist shill who’s certainly trying to do his part to hand the election to Hillary by denying Trump the traditional red state of Utah, the Fox News host asked, “Who’s this idiot that’s running third party that’s killing Trump out in Utah? Who put him up? What was it? The Bush people? The Romney people?”

“What a disaster that would be for the country,” Hannity rightly said, should McMullin succeed in his goal of getting Hillary elected.

Hannity got so aggravated that he his own dump button after saying he agrees that Trump isn’t “freaking perfect.” After the delay, he could be heard yelling “I’m pissed!”

If Trump does not win, Hannity is going to lose his mind! It is hard to watch him, to listen to him. Not hard as much, as it is uncomfortable. How does Hannity not know about Evan McMullin?

Hannity, all this garbage threatening people who have a different view than you, I have had it! You are right; Trump is not perfect, but you can not tell that to Trump. Trump can not put a coherent sentence together. We hear nothing from Trump about how he is going to make all the changes. I am sick of being told,” the election is rigged, give me the proof show me. And Hillary is crooked, she is bad, her husband is bad, believe me, I know more, and it is bad.”

What are you going to do on election day, Hannity? What are you going to the day after the election if Trump does not win? “Jerks.” I am not a jerk, and I will not be threatened by you, by your friends, nor the biggest bully, Trump. People fear Trump, and they do not like him, only fear. Tell me, is that the quality you want in the White House?

The Five Times Trump Lost The Election And Why It Doesn’t Matter.

This is a great article.

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