Monday Morning Halloween

Happy Halloween to all that stumble upon my Blog.

On this Halloween morning, I wonder, what is scarier. All the ghost, goblins and little monsters, or the election? The election wins hands down. In just a few days we will go and cast our vote for the President. Like me, if you do not like the candidates, nor do not know who to vote for, please go and vote. Let us show the world we can still have peaceful voting and peaceful transfer of power.

Let us not follow who is the loudest, who is slinging the most mud, or who is the nastiest to each other. Follow not someone else’s crowd because it might be easier. But follow your own crowd, whose number is just one, as it is when you enter the voting booth. Most important, we live in the greatest country on the earth, we have a constitution that gives us freedoms that no other nation does. Let us vote to uphold what our Founding Fathers fought so greatly to give each and every one of us. Never be ashamed, be proud Americans!


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