It Is Saturday….The Weekend

Tomi Lahren Halloween Costume Gets Man Bullied

Come on people! Get your own life! I have always wondered why some people cyber bully? Do they feel good afterwards, where they bullied, or are they just mean? And we are going to elect the biggest bully. It does not matter if it is Trump or Hillary, they are both bullies. Hillary just does it better.

Gehring, who is openly gay, got trashed for virtually anything one could possibly think of. He got called an “AIDS infected queer,” a “faggot,’” “sexist” and even “transphobic” for suggesting with his costume that dressing up as a woman is scary.

Three US troops were just shot to death in Jordan

The Pentagon announced some grim news Friday: Three US service members were killed in a shooting at King Faisal Air Force Base in Al Jafr, Jordan.

Hannity Pushing Conspiracy Theories And Smears

What am I going to do after the election? No more Hannity is loosing his mind stories. I really made an effort to watch his show on Fox. I have yet to go through a whole show.












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