Fridays Trip Around The Web

Personal Note:

What is the matter with people?  Trump IS the President Elect. The world IS NOT going to end! Go and cry in your safe zones, and NO you are NOT protesting! The second it gets violent IT IS rioting, and you should be ARRESTED! Every election the losing side feels the same darn way. We thought America was over when President Obama was elected. He did not have much more experience than Trump. Grow up, and go make a difference in your own community! Violence and tears will NOT help one single person! And rioting is DESTROYING your community. You think Trump is going to destroy America, how is rioting not destroying America? You are NO better than what you are, “protesting.”

 Trumps Victory Triggering Death Threats On Twitter.

Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday has caused outrage among some Twitter users, including those who have called for the assassination of the president-elect and his vice presidential counterpart, Mike Pence.

Since the race was called early Wednesday morning, angry Americans have flooded the social media platform. “Can someone assassinate Trump and fix this huge mistake,” wrote one user on Thursday, echoing the sentiments of others upset by the outcome of the election.

Others have responded by mocking those users, pointing out that if someone were to assassinate Trump, he would simply be succeeded by Pence, whom many consider more ideological.

I like the little sentence before the article. “Messages could result in Secret Service investigations.” I can not even imagine the stress the Secret Service have, and are going to have to protect Trump with all the threats, and it is just a few days of being elected.


This Guy Won $1.5 Million Betting Trump Would Win The Presidency


Read more:


Celebrities In Mourning: Can America Ever Win Back Their Trust?

These are dark days indeed for our nation’s most important citizens: celebrities. These brave men and women are better than us, and their opinions matter more than ours do. If you don’t think so, ask yourself this: Do you have your own late-night talk show? Have you ever won a Grammy? How many illegal immigrants do you employ to clean up after you? How much Botox are you carrying around right now?

I didn’t think so.

We’ve let down our celebrities, America. We’ve betrayed the trust they’ve placed in us. And they’re very, very disappointed.

They still do not get it, nor will they ever, get it. Those celebrities way of thinking is one of the many reasons Trump was elected. The world does go farther than your self-serving, self. Those of us who live in middle America, do not care how you feel!

And as I have said, I did not vote for Trump, nor do I want him to be President. But like it or not he is. And I do understand why those who voted for Trump did. Also, it is great seeing all those on the left freak out! It is one positive so far having Trump elected. I have to thank him for that. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, please go cry in your safe zone, I do not want to see you or hear you.

What a Gay, Muslim, Pakistani-American Immigrant Learned Traveling to Rural Alaska the Week Before the Election

This is such a great story! I would love to see the Main Stream Media pick this up.

The unbearable smugness of the media

An excellent article to end this mornings posts.



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