Veterans Day

I know we are still talking about the election today. But today let us talk and say, thank you to those who have served this great Country. We owe our Veterans those two little words, thank you. And after you say, thank you, talk to them. They do really need our help. It is amazing what the power of listening and conservation can do.

23 Vets take their life every day. We can accomplish and make a huge difference if we listen and talk to each other. Our Vets are feeling ignored and lost, and that no one understands. We do not understand, those of us who have not served, do not understand. They are feeling ignored by the VA when they finally do reach out for help. Trust me, these men and women have a hard time asking for help. I have seen the VA help our Vets greatly; I am not going to go after those who deeply care and are trying to help, but have their hands tied because of the higher-ups and those in Washington.

To all men and women, that have served and are serving, I thank you with every fiber of my being.

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