Sundays Crazy

I am just about done with watching the news, seeing a bunch of dumb asses, “protesting” and I use protesting lightly. It is rioting the second violence starts. So, your candidate did not get elected president, neither did mine. Deal with it! Sometimes in life you do not get your own way, it is NOT always about you! I know that is a hard pill to swallow. You are not entitled to your own way all the time. In life outside your safety zones, you have to work for the things you want.

And please, you can keep the crazy on your side. The women who pulled down her pants and shit right there on the sidewalk. When she was done, she took her shit and smeared it all over Trumps building. Keep it up, show the WORLD one of the reasons Trump was elected! How are you going to deal with real world issues? Trump getting elected is not what is worrying me. It is what I am seeing on TV and reading in social media. It is the whole group of people who think they can use violence and distroying free spreech by being politically correct to an extream, to get what they want. That is what scares me.

Mom Throws Out Her Young Child Because He Voted For Trump In Mock Election.

You can watch this, mother of the year, on the link. She recorded it. What are we becoming?


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