Hawaii hit with 2 feet of snow as weather warning issued | The Independent

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Parts of Hawaii have been hit with more than two feet of snow as a winter weather warning is issued for the US state.  The heaviest accumulations of snow are on two of the island’s highest peaks, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, which have seen between two and three feet of snowfall in just a few days.

Source: Hawaii hit with 2 feet of snow as weather warning issued | The Independent

If you watched the Packers game or the Bears, you were not surprised to see the winter weather. Most likely, though, you did not know this was our first snow of the season. I live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we are right on the border to the U.P. Even our lake effect snow has yet to arrive.

What really got our undies in a knot, Hawaii has to go and show off getting more snow then we have had all season! We are ready for our winter sports and our beautiful winter wonderland. The peace and beauty in the winter are like no other, and you can’t explain it to those who have not experienced winters in the north.

I for one, am longing to see my dear friend, Old Man Winter. He did visit yesterday and left us with an inch or two of snow before leaving us again. It was not until I turned on the news this morning that I found out just what Old Man Winter has been up to. He left us for Hawaii! And that was really rude! If you come across, Old Man Winter, tell him he is greatly missed, and to please come home for Christmas.

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