Charlie Brown and Linus: What ‘Intolerant’ Little Holiday Troublemakers »

Source: Charlie Brown and Linus: What ‘Intolerant’ Little Holiday Troublemakers »

The decorations were installed on December 5. On December 7, Ms. Shannon was confronted by the school’s principal.  Shannon was told, “Please don’t hate me, but unfortunately you’re going to have to take your poster down.”  Shannon continued, “I’m disappointed. It is a slap in the face of Christianity.”

The principal went on to explain that the poster violated the U.S. Constitution.

“She said my poster is an issue of separation of church and state,” Ms. Shannon stated. “She said the poster had to come down because it might offend kids from other religions or those who do not have a religion.”

I do not know why, stories like the above still bother me, still surprise and still question the sanity of those friends to our left. I like many others just want to scream at how far we have become to being a socialist country. By themselves, the stories do not seem dangerous or to put a country at such a significant risk of losing its identity. It is not till you add those stories up, and really look and listen to who and where the “offending” material is coming from, and who is teaching our young to be offended from the second they enter school.

Obviously, the principal was never taught the Constitution nor places a high value on teaching the Constitution. I would have at least checked the facts of the argument I was making about violating the Constitution. The Constitution is more than a piece of paper, and not to be thrown around quoting what you think as facts.

The election was called, “the factless election.” The media was reporting on false news stories as they went around in social media circles. No one bothered to check the facts. We believed what the media was telling us. What is the media’s job if it is not to report the news with FACTS? It is the media’s job to check the facts, it is not the publics.

We are coddling ourselves to death. God forbid we offend someone, or offend someone with the truth! Like that pesky thing called the Constitution. How much more are we willing to lose to make sure no one gets offended?

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