January 20th

Historical Day.

I took a break from writing. I was not writing but more of just posting news links and maybe a few words. When I started this Blog, I wanted to read, learn, and post my thoughts or a common sense post about stories that I might not agree with but I am always willing to learn. I will meet half way. So, with that out of the way, I will write about the news of the day, this historic day, We now have a new President, Donald J Trump.

Eight years ago I felt the same way the same fears and hopes. But there was more to the election of Obama. I truly cried because I witnessed our first Black President elected. Those were tears of joy. And the Country was more together; I think then divided. Do we not owe it to each other to find some common ground?

I know we love America. Those who do not, well please leave or shut up, better yet leave and shut up. As I write, in Washington we have those who are protesting and those who are rioting. Protesters have every write to their free speach. What is not acceptable is those who are rioting. That is not a right you have. Hurting others, destroying property, please tell me, how acting like a dumb ass will help whatever cause you are rioting about?

Turn on a TV and shut up and watch our Nation transferring power peacefully. There is so much to learn, just watching the processes, the talks and prayers and those coming together both Republican and Democrats. Stop throwing temper tantrums, my gosh how old are you? Go to your safe zone for a time out.

We have to STOP treating grown adults like children. Stop paying attention, stop making it headline news. And get involved! Learn how our Government works. Learn the history behind this historic day. Just get involved in your local Government. Starting today, we have four years till our next election. And maybe, just maybe, Trump will be one of the great Presidents. We do not know, so for now, lets come together. Because together we can do great wonders and be that beacon of hope and freedoms to all.


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