iCloud may have doxxed a journalist’s Twitter attacker – The Verge

Who even thinks that way? Seizures that are severe can damage the brain, and they also kill people. I wonder what the outcome of this case will be and what punishment John Rivello will receive.

Source: iCloud may have doxxed a journalist’s Twitter attacker – The Verge

In theory, it was the perfect setup: an anonymous Twitter account on a prepaid SIM card, bought with cash. With no credit card or other identifiable info tied to the account, there should have been no way to trace tweets back to a human.

But on Friday, after taking all those precautions, a man named John Rivello was arrested for sending seizure-inducing tweets to Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald. The arrest came three months and a day after the initial incident, and a newly unsealed complaint reveals how police tracked the man down.

It remains to be seen whether that logic will hold up in court. Still, the case is a powerful reminder of how difficult it is to maintain anonymity in modern devices. A prepaid SIM is enough to keep the phone network from knowing who you are, but your device itself also creates a powerful identity trail, particularly for iCloud users.

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