Ohio State Students Go On Hunger Strike, Demanding Closure of Fast Food Restaurant Wendy’s

I admit it, I could not read the whole article. I must apologize to the author,  Kayla Schierbecker. It is a great story that I scanned over. I just can’t take these little snot nose kids, all so known as Snowflakes.

Go on your hunger strike, let them starve.

Protest something worth protesting about. How about the treatment of women living in some third world countries. They are killed for learning, going to school little girls are being killed. Women are property and nothing more. Women and children are being beaten raped and murdered. And then thrown away like yesterday’s garbage. Some of those children being raped are still little infants.

Really though keep protesting your big injustice in your hard, hard life. We are so oppressed in the United States. I can not go anyplace if my husband is not with me. I am his property. Oh wait, that is not in America, I keep forgetting I live in the freest nation in the world. I forget there is no other country in the world where women are free to do and to be anything we want to.

Thank God I have a safe space to go to.

They’re upset about Wendy’s use of produce from Mexico, also complaining it mistreats low-wage workers.

Source: Ohio State Students Go On Hunger Strike, Demanding Closure of Fast Food Restaurant Wendy’s

2 thoughts on “Ohio State Students Go On Hunger Strike, Demanding Closure of Fast Food Restaurant Wendy’s

  1. Reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:
    Well My, My, My, … Do you think we will ever get our young people back? over three generations of young people have been brain-washed by the Washington elite, liberal professors, and parents that simply don’t give a damn. Perhaps it is already too late…

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  2. I want to have faith in humanity still. It is sure getting harder, though.I worked with a gentleman who has been an American citizen for 30 years. He came over from Poland. I will never forget what he said to me. He knows what the astronauts felt when they landed on the moon. He felt that the first time he went into a grocery store. He could not believe there was so much food.He had to step back for a few minutes and take it all in.I do not understand others who protest we are so oppressed? And look right over the real human injustices in our world.


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