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I do not know? Did President Trump do the right thing by ordering the missile strike? I admit we have to do something but is it too late? Obama should have been the President to do something when the “red line” was crossed. Obama made us look weak, and under his watch, he made us weak. I guess I do know how Obama could say one thing and do another or do nothing.

Some people are saying one of the reasons they voted for Trump was his stance against war and going to Congress before the order to strike. Trump said let Russia deal with Syria, and we should not get involved. I do not think anyone can know how they would act until they are put in that situation.

I think seeing what a chemical attack did to innocent people. Seeing those babies suffering and the ones who passed away was a turning point for Trump. It happened on his watch.

What worries me is what Russia is going to do. We do not want to go to war with Russia. What do we do next? I would not want to be in Trump’s shoes. What we can do is keep Trump and our leaders in our prayers.

I love the way Ben Shapiro explains the strike on Syria’s airbase in this article. It did calm some of those thoughts of, “what ifs”


On Thursday night, President Trump ordered a missile strike on an airbase in Syria from which the Assad regime launched its alleged sarin gas attack on dissidents this week.

Source: Daily Wire

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