Tomi Lahren Asks A Judge To Hold Glenn Beck In Contempt

Does Tomi realize what she has just done to her career? Calling conservatives hypocrites was bad, and saying she is now pro-choice. All of this on, The View, of all places, trying to make friends with Joy and the rest of the gang. If someone does not agree with their leftest views, we are just a bunch of racists white women who are too dumb to know better. Because God forbid, we can have a thought of our own.

I watch Glenn Beck every morning. I had watched him when he was at Fox, and I started watching Glenn again in 2014. It is not Glenn who is publicly talking about Tomi, I have yet heard him say one word about Tomi and her accusations. If I have missed something, please someone point it out to me.

Tomi is young, she has that going for her. She also showed her age and lack of experience. She can sure dish it and tell everyone their flaws. But she can not take the hits that come along with being a public figure.

Like I have said in the past, I tried to watch her show. She is young, and a “conservative” who really is smart. But for some reason started to conform to what others wanted her to be. The gang at The View played her to the fullest I think. Where are they now? They are not saying anything because they do not care what happens to Tomi.

How is The View still relevant is beyond me? How is the show still on the air? I do not get it. You learn nothing of importance watching it. I love to learn, and I want to know why others believe in what they do. And have a conversation about different beliefs. If we are honest with each other, we can learn from each other and be better people because of it.

Tomi Lahren is seriously not here for the “butt pad” tale and demands that a judge grant her legal relief.

Source: Tomi Lahren Asks A Judge To Hold Glenn Beck In Contempt

Lahren’s convinced that Beck had everything to do with the entire Daily Caller piece, and she’s asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court:

The filing came three days after the judge ordered both sides not to publicly criticize each other. “It took no less than 48 hours for [Beck and The Blaze] to violate this Court’s order,” the filing said. “This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants.”

The story “goes to great lengths to publicly smear, humiliate and embarrass Lahren,” the filing said, adding that she can’t defend herself because of the court’s order.

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