Month: August 2017

Betsy DeVos Tweets Support For Hurricane Victims. Keith Olbermann Calls Her ‘Motherf***er’ . Enter Trollmaster James Woods | Daily Wire

What is wrong with people?


Do you hear that loud screaming reverberating throughout the Twitterverse echochamber? That’s the sound of Keith Olbermann having another mental breakdown over President Trump. Who best to silence this mad disruptor of the social order than actor-turned-trollmaster James Woods!

Source: Betsy DeVos Tweets Support For Hurricane Victims. Keith Olbermann Calls Her ‘Motherf***er’ . Enter Trollmaster James Woods | Daily Wire

Cancer Update and Not Giving Up

I did what I did the first time I learned I had breast cancer. I stopped writing. I did not want anything to do with my passion, be it writing on paper or my Blog. I know longer seen the use of writing.  How is writing in my Blog going to make a difference in my life in the grand scheme of things? (there is really a lot of “ins” in the past sentence.)

The writing was becoming so hard. One simple paragraph or a sentence was and still does, takes so long to get from my head to a computer screen or paper. Cancer and Chemo changes who you in all most every aspect of life. No one wants cancer to be central in their life, nor taking control of your thoughts.

My husband and my family convinced me to do my writing again. My Mom paid for my dream computer is really supportive about my writing, even though we have many differences views. Also, my best friend would ask almost every day if I even turned the computer on as I did not turn my computer on.

I am going to challenge myself and put new stories every day. And try to get back to where I was before my breast cancer came back and metastasized through out my body. I am responding to treatment, I am blessed for that and blessed because new treatments are being found to treat my cancer. And blessed I have a supportive husband and family.

I have to try not to get discouraged. It has taken me two days to write this post! I think being discouraged will be the hardest part of my posts. And being able to keep my attention on a subject. Challenging myself will give me a goal to accomplish each day. and I need that challenge. I guess instead of talking about it, I have to go and do it.