Berkeley Offers Students ‘Counseling’ to Cope With Shapiro Speech

Can we all pull up our potty training pants and get a pair?

Maybe the coolest Halloween costume on campuses this fall will be dressing up as Ben Shapiro. Because apparently that’s about the scariest thing a college… Read More

Source: Berkeley Offers Students ‘Counseling’ to Cope With Shapiro Speech

“The solution for college students—and anyone—who find an idea painful and upsetting is to think about why and to consider the idea. If the idea is wrong or hateful or immoral, then, great, discard it—and debate the heck out of those who hold it. But if an idea is right and true, and the upset you’re feeling is a pang of conscience, that’s something different—and something that shouldn’t be undesirable.”

“College especially should be a place where intellectual and moral debates flourish, where students aggressively read and listen to others’ arguments, consider them, and then make their own cases. Don’t demand a counselor when a speaker you think is wrong comes to campus—go and debate them! Ask a tough question! Write an op-ed in the student newspaper showing the mistakes the speaker is making. Protest peacefully!”

“But counseling?

Ideas can hurt, it’s true. But the worst fate isn’t being troubled by another person’s idea: It’s settling for intellectual and moral stagnation, refusing to ever encounter any ideas besides the ones you currently hold.”

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