Tuesdays Thoughts

Trying to find the words or trying to find a story that relates to my thoughts and feelings about the shooting in Las Vegas, I cant. The closest to what I am feeling is 9/11. I pray to God we never see another 9/11.

Truly, what is the answer to mass shootings? And no longer is mass shootings to cause pain and trauma. As we have seen, when the bad guys cant get guns they use what is around them, a knife or an automobile and playing on our fear with words.

As we are humans, we try to make sense of the current mass casualty. We want to point fingers we want to assign blame. We want to know, why so we can prevent such a tragedy in the future. In doing so, we are hurting ourselves. It is not the Democrats nor the Republicans fault. It is not the medias fault or the Presidents fault. It is not global warming or Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Hams book. In doing so, we overlook who is to blame, the one right person and who to point all our fingers at. It is the individual who pulled the trigger! That is who we blame!

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