First Post. Recovering News Junkie.

I love to write, it is my passion. I had a Blog, and I wrote in it every day. I watched the news, read about the news. I breathed the news. My second passion is American history. Because you need to know your history to know and understand how what happens today is tomorrows history.

Life has ways of stopping you in your tracks. A mammogram was my head on crash. I have been in the fight since 2014. The writing was my life therapy. I had a mastectomy. I did the treatments of Chemo and Radiation. I felt great and very hopeful.

A year and a half later, I had another crash. Who knew that breast cancer could spread into your eyes? An eye exam proved that fact to me. My cancer spread to many places. The tumors were few but in many areas. I started a new Chemo medication that I take every day along with hormone therapy.

Life was thrown upside down and sideways. The treatments have been very hard on my body. Writing is now no longer second nature to me, and it is no longer easy. Chemo brain is a real thing.

So why a recovering news junkie? Well, come on! It has become a joke. We have become enthralled with the ridiculous. And fighting for my life, put that into perspective.

We have to be able to talk and joke about daily life. We are afraid to joke or even talk because we might offend someone. I hope to bring some of that back while at the same time learning. And with the way my brain works or doesn’t work, this should be a fun and new experience. So please come along for this journey. And note I will make mistakes and I will learn from those mistakes.

Bottoms Up.

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