Thursday Afternoon News And Thoughts

I can not get a few words Trump said last night at the debate off my mind. I keep thinking about those few words, stewing on those few words.

Washington (CNN)In the final moments of the final presidential debate, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton was “such a nasty woman” while she was answering a question about how she would raise taxes on the rich to tackle debt and entitlements if she were to become president.

This is a man who said, he respects women. In fact, Trump keeps telling us how no one respects women more than he does. So, not only his, “boy” talk not usual, and we do not know the Trump that everyone close to him says he is. Calling Hillary, a ” nasty women.” We are supposed to believe him, why? Trump is the man who you want to be president? I just want to scream, wake up people, he is a dangerous man! He is going to start riots if he keeps saying the election is rigged.

I hope if Trump is elected, everyone who voted for him makes sure he is a President of the people and for the people. I hope you make sure he first learns the Consitution and follows the Consitution. It is all on you. I will repeat the same advice if Hillary is elected President. It is up to us to make sure we do not loose. It is the only way we will, “make America great again,” and be, “stronger together.” We have a lot of work ahead of us, it is each and everyone one of our responsibility.


Thursday Morning News Finds

Thursday’s news findings.

I have a cold/flu thing going on. I did not watch the debate! I did watch the debate when the media played it again in the very early morning hours. It was uncomfortable, to say the least. I really do not know what to say, about the debate. I am not sure who won the debate? Because Hillary or Trump will be our next President, and we have lost. It does not matter who w0n last night. We have already lost.

The election is NOT rigged! Please, people, look at more than one website or any different website that is a pro-Trump!

Come on; I have to post a link with Hannity.

Why did Trump have to say,“such a nasty women?” I think that is the most uncalled remark in the history of debates. It has to be, right? He is a bully! How can Trump say he has nothing but respect for women, yet call Hillary, “such a nasty women?”

Thursdays Turdays

The title, I know. It has been one of those weeks. Fighting an at times life ending illness and trying to keep up writing is one of those things I have yet to master. But, I will get there. If for nothing else, I am head strong and can be stubborn and not dead yet.

I boycotted writing about the debate on my blog. I did write in my news journal. Oh, why would you do that? It made my brain hurt! We are being laughed at by other countries. I do not know if other countries are laughing at us, but come on. It is embarrassing. Wait, Sean Hannity, he is embarrassing. Is that not the biggest bro crush? Talk about the teachers pet! I wonder if Bill O’Reilly and others (I like O’Reilly I am using him as an example.) are all jealous at the attention Trump gives Sean? I still do not get it.

Gary Johnson. Nothing more needs to be said.

How about the weather. The leaves are just starting to change. The oak trees are getting that little paint brush of red and orange. I love autumn; I wish it were not such a short season. Autumn is a busy time of year for us. Wood needs to be cut and piled, winterizing the house and storage. Putting all summer toys away and getting the winter toys ready. The dogs are blowing their summer coats and a darker heavier fur taking its place. Having three large German Shepherds trust me, it is a ton of fur!

What is up with one sided hot flashes? Since I started hormone therapy, I get hot flashes on the right side of my body. It is literally right down the middle of my body. I can not be the only one, let me know if you want to join this strange club.

Does “It” Matter? What Is “This.”

Does it matter anymore and what is, “it?” What went so horribly wrong? Are we going to let party lines divide us? I thought we did this once. I am sick of labels! I am an American; I love my country, and I love my freedom.

We ALL need to come together; we need to come together. It needs repeating; we need to come together. Can anyone see this road we are going down will lead to nothing but destruction? This was not supposed to happen! And now we also have to figure out what “this” is.

I watch the news, hell, I am a news junky as I have been most of my adult life. We have news 24/7. I live in the middle of no place. The nearest town has a population around 1200 year around locals. I have high-speed wireless internet. Now, I am literally a few feet to no reception. I am not picky I will take what I can get in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I am starting to rethink the ease I can get news. The mainstream media is getting in my brain trying to sell me whatever Trump and Hillary are trying to pawn off on me because I am an undecided voter.

I am all so a history junkie.We are watching history unfold right before our eyes. It is up to us, and it is not up to those in the Government. We get to decide now, and we get to decide in November. We have to remember; it is up to us, and we can never forget that.

If we get it wrong, we have no one else to blame. I am a Republican/Conservative. But will not vote my party line if I think it is detrimental to the county and will cause harm. As it stands now, I can not vote for either party. I am sure I will still be undecided right up to the voting both. And I still have to figure out what, “it” and “this” is.


To Little To Late

I think it is too late. What did the GOP think would happen? Super Tuesday is tomorrow, tomorrow people! I have said all along, I do not get it, I can not comprehend what people see in Trump? People are angry. Hey, I am angry too. Trump is saying what so many are thinking. It does not mean Trump will make a good President. Be a spokesperson for the American people. He could make such a big difference if he is serious about helping without being President. What will he do if he does not win? Will he still be there for those who looked to him for help?

CNN is the only news outlet coming out and reporting on the negatives of Donald Trump. Fox, is reporting that CNN is looking for ratings, they are a failing Network. What the heck Fox? For years, I have defended Fox! Fox was the one Network that held my views and values. That is of the Republican Party and conservatives. What is the pass you are giving Trump? What are you doing Fox? What is the hold Trump has on the Press? It is just not Fox News. MSNBCs Morning Joe. It is hard to tell the two apart.

If Trump gets the nomination the GOP is over as we know it. If Cruz gets the nomination he will bring the Party back to what it was, to what it is supposed to be. If it is Rubio, the Party, at least, stays as it is. I do think Rubio will make good changes. But can he make those big changes we need as a country?

If we truly want change, it is not going to be easy. The saying, “if it sounds to good to be true” still applies. We did not get into this mess overnight.  There is a desperation in both Parties. Desperation its self, cannot make good choices. We need a leader. We are at a tipping point in America. Trump or Hilary will be a disaster to our way of life. And can we recover, I do not think so.

I blame the schools for not teaching our Constitution, not teaching our great history.  I blame the schools for not teaching why America is already the greatest Country. And what makes us the greatest Country. We need to tell stories. Tell the stories of our founding fathers, tell the stories of the Civil War. I have learned more out of school than I have ever learned in school. And when I was in school it was just the beginning of being so politically correct that we are throwing our Nation away.

So, is it too late? I do not know. The people screamed for a king, so they got a king. I pray we do not get a king.

February 26 2016

I have been missing, not a good idea when you are trying to get back in the swing of things. And making a real goal writing about all those thoughts I have running around in my mind. I want to make excuses, I want to tell you, I am sick, I am on medications that make my brain feel all scrambled. I fought breast cancer and chemo brain has still not left me. But those are excuses. It might take me a bit longer, and it should. I am out of practice. I have been writing and my love of writing started around eight

I want to make excuses, I want to tell you, I am sick, I am on medications that make my brain feel all scrambled. I fought breast cancer and chemo brain has still not left me. But those are excuses. It might take me a bit longer, and it should. I am out of practice. I have been writing and my love of writing started around eight. I have hundreds of notebooks. My true love is paper and pen. I have not picked up one of my notebooks in a month and a half. And I have no idea why? It seems since I have decided to start a blog, I became scared of writing. Strange hey?

I love to write, it is that simple. I have a lot to learn about writing a blog. Luckily, I love to learn. And what better time to start a blog, an election year! Did I mention I am a news and political junky? I am in my glory!