Wisconsin Takes Down The Champs | FiveThirtyEight

I missed the game! I am not as big of a fan of Basketball as I once was. But would like to keep up with Wisconsin since I have lived in the North Woods of Wisconsin my whole life.


So much for one of the most uneventful NCAA tournaments ever. After a quiet first round that saw the better seed win 26 of 32 games, Villanova — the defending tourney champion — became …

Source: Wisconsin Takes Down The Champs | FiveThirtyEight

Bobcat spotted in Wisconsin – WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports

The Bobcat footage is down south of me. But still, they are beautiful animals. To see a Bobcat can be a once in a lifetime sighting. I only have seen the back end of a Bobcat as it was running away.

Amazing footage of a bobcat was captured just outside of Rio, Wisconsin, Wednesday morning.

Source: Bobcat spotted in Wisconsin – WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports

Fridays Thoughts

We made it through another week. And we will keep making it, day by day. The world is not going to end, all though it sure feels like it will. I think I have brain overload, and my mind can not comprehend the circus that is happening with our Presidental candidate We cannot talk about the issues. I guess problems magically solved themselves. What the heck did we think was going to happen?

The fall colors were at their peak, and now the leaves are giving the forests a blanket for the winter. My family is busy preparing for the upcoming winter. We have had snow on the ground at this time of the year in the pass.But not this year. We have not seen so much as a flurry.  Weekends are spent getting wood to heat the houses. The weather has been pretty darn near perfect and that makes it so much easier when you are in the woods.

My medications are kicking my butt today. So with that, I bid everyone a good day.

Friday Morning Thoughts.

As we wake up this morning in The North Woods of Wisconsin, we are greeted with the first signs that fall is a season change to winter. We have a brisk north wind, and the rain came for the ride. The weather majorly changes this time of year. We can wake up the morning to temperatures near the 70s, and snow as we go to bed.

Autumn is my favorite. I love the changing colors, the maple, and oak trees change to bright orange, to red and almost purple. The popple trees turn a bright yellow so bright it lightens up an area the trees call home.

We start bringing out the warmer jackets and flannel shirts. My husband has work jeans that are lined with flannel. My husband is a contractor and just because it is winter does not mean there is inside work. The jeans help keep the guys to be a bit warmer when temperature are below zero, and the windchill can get down to 40 degrees below zero. I do not care who you are; that is damn cold!