Surgery And Snow

On the 17th of Oct, my husband and I drove 3 hours for a simple surgery, that was made hard because of my cancer. 3 days in the ICU and a visit from CDC (because some of this stuff can only happen to me) 11 days later, I am glad to say I am back home!

And in other news, in the North Woods of Wisconsin, we have our first snowfall this weekend, and the snow really has not stopped falling. Yes, the snow in light but those little flurries over time add up.  But as long as I can still play in the snow and cold, I am happy. So here is to winter, Bottoms Up.

Tuesdays Thoughts

Trying to find the words or trying to find a story that relates to my thoughts and feelings about the shooting in Las Vegas, I cant. The closest to what I am feeling is 9/11. I pray to God we never see another 9/11.

Truly, what is the answer to mass shootings? And no longer is mass shootings to cause pain and trauma. As we have seen, when the bad guys cant get guns they use what is around them, a knife or an automobile and playing on our fear with words.

As we are humans, we try to make sense of the current mass casualty. We want to point fingers we want to assign blame. We want to know, why so we can prevent such a tragedy in the future. In doing so, we are hurting ourselves. It is not the Democrats nor the Republicans fault. It is not the medias fault or the Presidents fault. It is not global warming or Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Hams book. In doing so, we overlook who is to blame, the one right person and who to point all our fingers at. It is the individual who pulled the trigger! That is who we blame!

Cancer Update

Since finding out my cancer was back at the end of March, it has been that emotional rollercoaster. I can be just going on with my day, and it hits me like a ton of bricks and knocks me down in only a matter of seconds. I do not want cancer to define me, in theory, that sounds so easy. Some days though it consumes me. My goal is not to let it consume me to the point where it defines me.

Last week I saw my Oncologist. This week on Wednesday I see the surgeon. I have a very rare form of eye cancer and having it in both eyes I am told is even rarer. I know more of what to expect this time around and know right now I am in the, hurry up and wait, stage. And it can be so very frustrating as is the unknown of having a rare form of cancer, I am finding out.

I am trying not to do the, “what ifs.” And it is so easy to do and seems unlike with my breast cancer I am thinking of the, “what ifs” so much more. Like, what if I do go blind? I can not even imagine how of every aspect of my life will change. Right now, that is what I am trying not to let consume me. It is always with my thoughts though. I am trying to give it over to God completely. To let Him take my worries and trust in Him.

I am trying to give it over to God completely. To let Him take my worries and trust in Him. To be still and calm in thought knowing God loves me. I pray that I am stronger in my faith and belief. Knowing God will never give me more then I can handle. Why though even I know this, can it still be so hard? It seems I am struggling greatly and peace within my soul has gone missing.


Talking to your dog is a sign of intelligence | indy100

Have you ever named your car, talked to your pets or sang to your plants? Don’t worry, you’re not losing it. In fact, it’s a sign of intelligence.

Source: Talking to your dog is a sign of intelligence | indy100

I have three German Shepards. Trust me, my dogs make me look like an idiot at least once a day. My husband works long hours, and I am a stay at home wife who spends most days home with my dogs.

I talk to my dogs throughout the day. So, this should offset all the times my dogs look at me, all three of my dogs, with that look of, really did mom just say that? They can be just laying around like dogs do. They all look at each other, then look at me. I know they are planning something. I know one day, maybe sometime soon, my dogs will have me trained. Or maybe I am already trained and not smart enough to know.

January 20th

Historical Day.

I took a break from writing. I was not writing but more of just posting news links and maybe a few words. When I started this Blog, I wanted to read, learn, and post my thoughts or a common sense post about stories that I might not agree with but I am always willing to learn. I will meet half way. So, with that out of the way, I will write about the news of the day, this historic day, We now have a new President, Donald J Trump.

Eight years ago I felt the same way the same fears and hopes. But there was more to the election of Obama. I truly cried because I witnessed our first Black President elected. Those were tears of joy. And the Country was more together; I think then divided. Do we not owe it to each other to find some common ground?

I know we love America. Those who do not, well please leave or shut up, better yet leave and shut up. As I write, in Washington we have those who are protesting and those who are rioting. Protesters have every write to their free speach. What is not acceptable is those who are rioting. That is not a right you have. Hurting others, destroying property, please tell me, how acting like a dumb ass will help whatever cause you are rioting about?

Turn on a TV and shut up and watch our Nation transferring power peacefully. There is so much to learn, just watching the processes, the talks and prayers and those coming together both Republican and Democrats. Stop throwing temper tantrums, my gosh how old are you? Go to your safe zone for a time out.

We have to STOP treating grown adults like children. Stop paying attention, stop making it headline news. And get involved! Learn how our Government works. Learn the history behind this historic day. Just get involved in your local Government. Starting today, we have four years till our next election. And maybe, just maybe, Trump will be one of the great Presidents. We do not know, so for now, lets come together. Because together we can do great wonders and be that beacon of hope and freedoms to all.


Mondays Post

Thankful Week.

I thought I would do something different this week. Since it is the week of Thanksgiving, I am going to write, each day, what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving. And it has been a very hard few months for me. Writing what I am thankful for is coming straight from my heart.

I am thankful for my dogs. I have three German Shepherds, two of them were here when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of those, my husband brought me on Mothers Day, in the middle of chemo! I was happy and upset at the same time. I had no idea how I was going to take care of a puppy while going through chemo.

I am thankful because I could not just lay down and feel sorry for myself. Anyone who had a puppy knows, you just can’t lay down and sleep all day. I found how much more stronger I was. I was given something to fight for, something to wake up each day and get dressed. As getting dressed sometimes used up all my energy for the day.

The puppy, his name is Loki, and yes, his name fits him perfect. I found my laugh and smile. He was so big! When he was six months, he was 116 pounds! He had these big paws and was so clumsy. We developed a special bond. When I was done with chemo and had radiation every day for three months, Loki went with me. Radiation treatment lasted a whole ten minutes at the most. I am so thankful for that day my husband walked through the door with a puppy in hand.

Students told to stop flying U.S. flags over safety fears. The directive was not well received. – TheBlaze

On Veterans Day, a handful …

Source: Students told to stop flying U.S. flags over safety fears. The directive was not well received. – TheBlaze

When will this craziness end? Flying the American flag should NEVER have to be policed by the PC policed. If someone’s feelings get hurt by seeing an American flag, well, you do not belong in this Country. It is that simple, leave!

Sundays Crazy

I am just about done with watching the news, seeing a bunch of dumb asses, “protesting” and I use protesting lightly. It is rioting the second violence starts. So, your candidate did not get elected president, neither did mine. Deal with it! Sometimes in life you do not get your own way, it is NOT always about you! I know that is a hard pill to swallow. You are not entitled to your own way all the time. In life outside your safety zones, you have to work for the things you want.

And please, you can keep the crazy on your side. The women who pulled down her pants and shit right there on the sidewalk. When she was done, she took her shit and smeared it all over Trumps building. Keep it up, show the WORLD one of the reasons Trump was elected! How are you going to deal with real world issues? Trump getting elected is not what is worrying me. It is what I am seeing on TV and reading in social media. It is the whole group of people who think they can use violence and distroying free spreech by being politically correct to an extream, to get what they want. That is what scares me.

Mom Throws Out Her Young Child Because He Voted For Trump In Mock Election.

You can watch this, mother of the year, on the link. She recorded it. What are we becoming?


Fridays Trip Around The Web

Personal Note:

What is the matter with people?  Trump IS the President Elect. The world IS NOT going to end! Go and cry in your safe zones, and NO you are NOT protesting! The second it gets violent IT IS rioting, and you should be ARRESTED! Every election the losing side feels the same darn way. We thought America was over when President Obama was elected. He did not have much more experience than Trump. Grow up, and go make a difference in your own community! Violence and tears will NOT help one single person! And rioting is DESTROYING your community. You think Trump is going to destroy America, how is rioting not destroying America? You are NO better than what you are, “protesting.”

 Trumps Victory Triggering Death Threats On Twitter.

Donald Trump’s victory on Tuesday has caused outrage among some Twitter users, including those who have called for the assassination of the president-elect and his vice presidential counterpart, Mike Pence.

Since the race was called early Wednesday morning, angry Americans have flooded the social media platform. “Can someone assassinate Trump and fix this huge mistake,” wrote one user on Thursday, echoing the sentiments of others upset by the outcome of the election.

Others have responded by mocking those users, pointing out that if someone were to assassinate Trump, he would simply be succeeded by Pence, whom many consider more ideological.

I like the little sentence before the article. “Messages could result in Secret Service investigations.” I can not even imagine the stress the Secret Service have, and are going to have to protect Trump with all the threats, and it is just a few days of being elected.


This Guy Won $1.5 Million Betting Trump Would Win The Presidency


Read more:


Celebrities In Mourning: Can America Ever Win Back Their Trust?

These are dark days indeed for our nation’s most important citizens: celebrities. These brave men and women are better than us, and their opinions matter more than ours do. If you don’t think so, ask yourself this: Do you have your own late-night talk show? Have you ever won a Grammy? How many illegal immigrants do you employ to clean up after you? How much Botox are you carrying around right now?

I didn’t think so.

We’ve let down our celebrities, America. We’ve betrayed the trust they’ve placed in us. And they’re very, very disappointed.

They still do not get it, nor will they ever, get it. Those celebrities way of thinking is one of the many reasons Trump was elected. The world does go farther than your self-serving, self. Those of us who live in middle America, do not care how you feel!

And as I have said, I did not vote for Trump, nor do I want him to be President. But like it or not he is. And I do understand why those who voted for Trump did. Also, it is great seeing all those on the left freak out! It is one positive so far having Trump elected. I have to thank him for that. If I hurt anyone’s feelings, please go cry in your safe zone, I do not want to see you or hear you.

What a Gay, Muslim, Pakistani-American Immigrant Learned Traveling to Rural Alaska the Week Before the Election

This is such a great story! I would love to see the Main Stream Media pick this up.

The unbearable smugness of the media

An excellent article to end this mornings posts.



Wednesdays Stuff And Meltdowns

Personal Note: As with President Obama, I will show respect for Trump. Is he who I wanted to win, no. But I also did not want Hillary to win either. The world did not end; the sun still did not explode, nor was there the zombie apocalypse. But, try telling that to the left! Oh my gosh! Hollywood is freaking out, and MSNBC hosts were crying. We knew no matter who won, we ALL have a lot of work to do. We have to come together and work together.

I am enjoying all those on the left who are freaking the hell out. Ask yourself, what did you do to contribute to the situation? Because, news flash, you are NOT any more important than anyone else. And those of you who act like the P.C. police, SHUT UP, stop whining and be a productive member of society.You are not hip nor cool, you are acting like a dumb ass and it does not help one single person who lives in the real world. If you want to do something important and make a difference, volunteer, help those who do not have, “safe zones” or counselors to cry to when their feelings get hurt because of a Halloween custom.  My gosh!

Protests In California Sparked By Trumps Victory.

Maybe they should have gone to their safe zones.

Around 10 p.m., Hollywood stars began to panic. Hillary Clinton wasn’t as far ahead as they had expected her to be. In fact, the race was far from a landslide. Reflecting the anxiety of the Tinsel Town set, actress Mia Farrow re-tweeted a NYT poll showing that, as of 9:40 pm, Trump had a 55-percent chance of winning the election. As a comment on the tweet, she simply posted: “Xanax

Trump Won, and the Liberal Media LOST THEIR MINDS