Producer slams Alec Baldwin claims about underage actress | Daily Mail Online

I have a few folks from Hollywood I would love for them to just go away. Alec Baldwin is one of those dumbasses. I can not imagine why anyone would spend money buying such dribble. He is not even a good actor! I can not remember hearing, Alec Baldwin is in that movie it must be good or sort of good.


Famed producer Dana Brunetti, 43, is speaking out against Alec Baldwin’s claim he didn’t know co-star Nikki Reed was ’17’ while filming R-rated drama Mini’s First Time in 2006

Source: Producer slams Alec Baldwin claims about underage actress | Daily Mail Online

Ka-ching: Michael Moore offers to pay fines for faithless electors who refuse to vote for Donald Trump –

Just go away.

Source: Ka-ching: Michael Moore offers to pay fines for faithless electors who refuse to vote for Donald Trump –

Get OVER it! The election is over! I am not happy Trump IS GOING to be our NEXT President, but he is. Hey, Dems, maybe if you had someone, anyone who was better than HILLARY, and NO Berney was NOT that person. You could be saying this to all of us who are white and because we are white, we are racist and want little kittens to die.  JUST GO AWAY AND SHUT UP you spineless little buttercups!

MERRY CHRISTMAS, from a pissed off, sick, so freaking sick of all the temper tantrums from white pansy ass college kids who think they are so oppressed!

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Gets Feminist Harpy Makeover | The Resurgent

The Huffington Post is ecstatic over a new version of the Christmas classic, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” created by a singer-songwriter couple who found the original song “aggressive and inappropriate.” Apparently, Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski found themselves tortured by the unrevealed fate of what they imagine is the date-rape victim described in the tune. “You never figure out if she gets to go home,” worries Lydia to CNN. So they made up new, consent form-approved lyrics, complete with phrases like “You reserve the right to say no,” and hipster favorite Pomegranate La Croix sparkling water replacing that suspicious drink. Since the…

Source: ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Gets Feminist Harpy Makeover | The Resurgent

DUMB ASS! And please SHUT UP and go to your SAFE ZONE!

Can we please stop being political correct police? You want to know why Trump is our President, because dumb asses who are offended by just waking up in the morning. Overly offended feminist look in the mirror and tell yourself, good job. You have to be so proud of yourself.

Colin Kaepernick Takes More Sacks Than Passing Yards | The Daily Caller

Source: Colin Kaepernick Takes More Sacks Than Passing Yards | The Daily Caller

I can only hope after this football season is over, Colin will just go away! And he will be a distance memory. Let’s face it, he is NOT a good quarterback. He has never been a good quarterback. The fact so much attention has been given to him is ridiculous. I wanted to watch football, I did not want to watch some spoiled brat that thinks he is starting some revolution because he thinks he is so wonderful. GO AWAY, please! Better yet, go away to Cuba, because that has worked out so well.

Mondays Madness

Mondays,murky, a little muddy, maybe slimy, stuff I found on, the inter

Tyler Arnold:

Students handing out copies of the United States Constitution at Grand Valley State University threatened with arrest.

Students from the newly-formed Turning Point USA chapter at GVSU were handing out pocket Constitutions and pamphlets promoting their new group on campus recently when they were approached by two campus police officers, who instructed them to desist because they were violating the school’s solicitation policy.

When does policy trump the Constitution? Even in “free speech zones.” The fact we need, safe zones and free speech zones, is embarrassing! Did someone call and complain? I am so glad I live in the middle of no place. The only rudeness I deal with is the coyotes who do not respect the fact I am trying to sleep when they are after dinner and howling and screeching. It is a beautiful sound, though.

Such restrictive speech policies are not unique to GVSU, however. Just last week, an activist was forced to leave another campus, Middlesex County College, because he did not get prior approval to practice free speech.


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The nutty final days: Sex, witchcraft, car wrecks and punditry on steroids.

Good article about all the craziness the Media has become in the last few days before election day. Because we all know the real truth, Wednesday, the zombie apocalypse will begin and we all are going to die!