Daily Wire: Mike Rowe Offers Refreshingly Different Perspective On United Airlines Incident

This is a great article about the response Mike Rowe gave a FaceBook fan about the recent United Airlines debacle. I agree with Mike 100 percent! I have said the passenger was in the wrong since the beginning. I also did not think of it the way Mike put it, ” it is easy to forget that we have no right to fly.”

Source: http://www.dailywire.com/news/15495/mike-rowe-offers-refreshingly-different-frank-camp

Here’s the thing. It’s easy to forget that we have no right to fly. Buying a ticket doesn’t change that. So, when we board the plane, we have no right to remain there. We can be legally removed if we’re too drunk, too loud, too creepy, too suspicious, or too big for the seat. We can be removed if we stink. We can be removed if we’re insubordinate. We can be removed for whatever reason the airline deems necessary.”

Daily Wire: Sarah Silverman

I know when people start swearing I think to myself, I better listen they sound so grown-up. It is on of the biggest turn offs and shows the level of maturity. Swearing brings nothing to the conversation the words are just fillers.

It doesn’t help your cause when you are acting and sounding more immature then the person you are accusing of acting like an “emotional child.”

Unhinged leftist and deep blue comedian Sarah Silverman took to the streets of New York on Saturday to demand that President Donald Trump release his tax returns. Throwing her hissy fit, the emotional child called the president an “emotional child” and said his looks on a scale from one to ten are a “three at best.”

Pot, meet kettle.

“Show us your f***ing taxes, you emotional child,” said Silverman, while wearing her hair in pigtails. “You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: you’re a three at best.”

Source: Daily Wire

Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, The Blaze For ‘Wrongful Termination’

I really wanted to like Tomi Lahren. But the fact is, I never made it through her show. She is young and a Republican/Conservative, and very outspoken. Hence the reason she has her own show.

How can you call yourself a Conservative and believe in abortion? What changed her mind when in not the far past she has been very outspoken against abortion?

Can you pick what you like about being a Conservative or Republican, heck even a Demarcate? Would that be an Independent? And there is nothing wrong with that either. She is young and views do change. And she is getting paid still. This is a good time to do something she has not done, shut up!

She accuses Beck of ‘a specific intent to inflate Beck’s profile, from what has become a mediocre following.’

Source: Tomi Lahren Sues Glenn Beck, The aze For ‘Wrongful Termination’

Idiots Try to Ship Venomous Snakes and Spiders to Australia, as If They Need More

Can you imagine getting that package in the mail!

When a suspicious looking box labeled “two pair shoes” arrived in Australia from Northern Europe recently, the Australian Border Force sent it through an x-ray. They didn’t find shoes, of course. Instead, the box contained a terrifying assortment of venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions—as if the country needed more of those.

Source: Idiots Try to Ship Venomous Snakes and Spiders to Australia, as If They Need More

The inventory list of animals that had to be put down by Australia’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources after arriving in Melbourne includes:

  • Three ball pythons, also known as royal pythons
  • Two hognose snakes
  • Six vipers, identified as Wagler’s temple vipers— a venomous pitviper species native to South-East Asia
  • Two Colombian giant tarantulas
  • Five Mexican redknee tarantulas
  • Two Brazilian salmon pink tarantulas— considered to be the third-largest tarantula in the world
  • Four Asian forest scorpions

Judge OK’s Petition for America’s First Genderless Person

If I identify as a cat do, I get a litter box in public bathrooms? And legally change my name to Sparkles. I want my driver license to also change. I am a cat and there for not a human saying to me Miss or Sir is offensive. Please only address me with meows.

The Portland student now goes by ‘Patch,’ as both a name and a pronoun.

Source: Judge OK’s Petition for America’s First Genderless Person