Donald Trump wins: Thousands of Americans take to streets to protest against new President-elect | The Independent

Thousands of people have taken to the streets across western America to protest against Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election. Cities in California, Oregon and Washington all witnessed angry demonstrations, with objects being set alight and effigies burned. Up to 1,500 people gathered at the University of California in Los Angeles in the early hours to express their anger and sadness at the shock result.

Source: Donald Trump wins: Thousands of Americans take to streets to protest against new President-elect | The Independent

People want to know why America elected Trump as President. Why middle America is so angry. How does protesting, no, when you start fires and vandalize, is called rioting, not protesting. Acting so childish as to throw, “big kid” tantrums, who is taking you seriously? We sure in the heck are not. It is one of the reasons Trump is becoming YOUR president. And I did not vote for Trump, I did not want Trump to win either. But he is our President like it or not.

Sundays Lazy Drive In My Head

Early morning drive

This very early Sunday morning I was thinking, yes I still think every once in a while, just do not tell anyone. I have been hard on Trump. I expected more from Trump and my party. I am not someone who just jumped the Trump Ship. I never was on the Trump Ship. I do not believe Trump is a real Republican nor a Conservative. I also made a promise to myself, and my Country. I was not going to vote the lesser of two evils again.

The media has focused on Trump. We are letting Hillary off the hook. Yes, news media outlets are reporting the Email dumps by Wikileaks, but it doesn’t sound bad. Why? Have I came to point to except, if they did not murder someone they are not really all that bad. And, I do not like him or her as a person but, they are a good or, will be a good politician.

I am guilty myself of only putting negative stories about Trump and not Hillary. I made myself feel better by saying, ” I have always held my party to a higher stander and expect more.” So, I just reread this paragraph, ” I only put negative stories.”

And a question way out in left field, what is the thinking with starting a sentence with the word, “so.” See, told you so, a question way out in left field.

So, I have to post more negative posts about Hillary and a sprinkle or two happy uplifting stories. That sounds good, hey?

Sundays Drive

I have not been able to finish a post and hit the publish button since late afternoon yesterday. My first post was about, gee, what else, Trump. I was trying to make a point on the lines of, our founding fathers. They gave us their baby to care and nurture. The founding fathers did not leave her on the doorsteps and said, good luck, here you go. They left us with carefully constructed instructions.

We hired, or we hope we hired the best people to care for her.And for those who cared for her, we honor them when Old Glory flies.We watched her grow with pride and bragged about her like proud parents.

It was about at that point in the story; I guess I thought, what is the point I am trying to make? America is and God willing she is beautiful and will always be the worth defending. We sing songs to her; we respect her, and we defend her. We know this! It is our responsibility to care for her. To elect people to care for her different needs, to keep her healthy.

When did we make it so hard to do! What the hell happened? We all play a part in caring for America. Stop pointing the finger at everyone else. I have to point my finger at myself before anyone else. This mess we made for ourselves did not happen over night. We can not fix it overnight.We all have to be willing to do our part. And no, I do not know what part that is. I know what we are doing now has not worked. Who are we going to have to take care of her for the next four years? Who are we going to have to help lead us?

It is like the Republicans and Democrats went out for drinks and had a few too many. Nine months later Hillary and Trump were born. I think a lot of us now see we messed up. What the heck did we think would happen with Trump? And not only Trump but Hillary also. I am going after Trump because I am a Republican/Conservative and he is not either of those. Voting for Trump is not, “sticking it to the man.” It is sticking it to ourselves.


Does “It” Matter? What Is “This.”

Does it matter anymore and what is, “it?” What went so horribly wrong? Are we going to let party lines divide us? I thought we did this once. I am sick of labels! I am an American; I love my country, and I love my freedom.

We ALL need to come together; we need to come together. It needs repeating; we need to come together. Can anyone see this road we are going down will lead to nothing but destruction? This was not supposed to happen! And now we also have to figure out what “this” is.

I watch the news, hell, I am a news junky as I have been most of my adult life. We have news 24/7. I live in the middle of no place. The nearest town has a population around 1200 year around locals. I have high-speed wireless internet. Now, I am literally a few feet to no reception. I am not picky I will take what I can get in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I am starting to rethink the ease I can get news. The mainstream media is getting in my brain trying to sell me whatever Trump and Hillary are trying to pawn off on me because I am an undecided voter.

I am all so a history junkie.We are watching history unfold right before our eyes. It is up to us, and it is not up to those in the Government. We get to decide now, and we get to decide in November. We have to remember; it is up to us, and we can never forget that.

If we get it wrong, we have no one else to blame. I am a Republican/Conservative. But will not vote my party line if I think it is detrimental to the county and will cause harm. As it stands now, I can not vote for either party. I am sure I will still be undecided right up to the voting both. And I still have to figure out what, “it” and “this” is.


Another Host of The View Threatens to Leave America If A Republican Wins – Christine Rousselle


Source: Another Host of The View Threatens to Leave America If A Republican Wins – Christine Rousselle

It is amazing how the hosts of The View think they are so important to America, that if they threaten to move to Canada we will all change our way of life and vote for a democrat.

The most recent, Raven-Symoné. Let me get this straight, to her and anyone who has said something so ridiculous. You feel so strongly about who gets elected you will leave America if your party does not win. Why? And you feel the need to let us all know, and we should all care. Why?

Of all the things spewed out of Hollywoods mouths, this is what gets my goat each time. And the fact we listen to such dribble is amazing and not to mention this show is still on the air. I do not care what those in Hollywood think about, well, anything. I won’t waste my brain cells watching any Hollywood talk show.

If Raven-Symoné feels so strongly and others too. Do something about it. Go out and campaign, raise money, use your talents to your parties advantage. How can you disrespect your country? Fight for your country, fight for what you what you believe in.

See, that is what is great about America. We can have different views, different beliefs, different values. We do not have to agree with each other about anything. You would get a lot more respect and taken seriously, people would listen. They might not agree but you will still have a good reputation and respect. I think that would be important to you. Use your talents and the platform that is provided to you to do something great for America.


DC might pay criminals to not commit more crimes | Fox News

The District of Columbia has moved forward on a plan to reward $4.9 million over four years to released criminals who do not become repeat offenders.

Source: DC might pay criminals to not commit more crimes | Fox News

So, DC wants to reward criminals who do not commit a crime? I thought we have that already. If you obey the law, you do not go to jail. Now, we are going to pay people who are criminals if they stay out of jail? Those who stay out of trouble can get up to, $ 9,000 a year! Give that money to those who have cancer, to those who are sick and can not afford the medications and treatments to save their life.

Why is the media not reporting on this bill DC wants to pass? DC knows the media is focused on the election and can get away with passing laws that give really bad people tax payers money. If this does not scream, nanny state, what does? What is going to wake up the minds of those who think we need the government in every aspect of our life? How much is to much?