Bryan Cranston Says ‘F*** You’ To The ‘Egotistical’ People Who Would ‘Hope’ For Trump’s Failure | Daily Wire

I wondered why anyone wants a president to fail? And not just Trump, but we are also guilty of wanting Obama to fail, well, to be honest, I wanted Obama to fail.

How did I get to that point? We can have a great President if we help that President no matter if you are a Republican or Democrat. Just think of all this hate, all the effort we put into bringing a President down, we redirect that hate to help, and lifting this great country out of the mess each of us played a part.

[WARNING: This Article Contains Strong Language]

Source: Bryan Cranston Says ‘F*** You’ To The ‘Egotistical’ People Who Would ‘Hope’ For Trump’s Failure | Daily Wire

It’s just astonishing to me. President Trump is not the person who I wanted to be in that office, and I’ve been very open about that. That being said, he is the president. If he fails, the country is in jeopardy. It would be egotistical for anyone to say, “I hope he fails.” To that person I would say, fuck you. Why would you want that? So you can be right?

I don’t want him to fail. I want him to succeed. I do. I honestly do … And if you’ve got a good idea that helps the country, oh man, I’m gonna support you. I don’t care if you’re a Republican and I’m a Democrat or whatever, I don’t care. A good idea’s a good idea. Let’s do that.

We’ve got to get away from this idea that our country is political football, and someone with a different opinion is the enemy. Assume they love this country as much as you do, and there’s always room for improvement. How can we make it better?

Tuesdays Thoughts

Trying to find the words or trying to find a story that relates to my thoughts and feelings about the shooting in Las Vegas, I cant. The closest to what I am feeling is 9/11. I pray to God we never see another 9/11.

Truly, what is the answer to mass shootings? And no longer is mass shootings to cause pain and trauma. As we have seen, when the bad guys cant get guns they use what is around them, a knife or an automobile and playing on our fear with words.

As we are humans, we try to make sense of the current mass casualty. We want to point fingers we want to assign blame. We want to know, why so we can prevent such a tragedy in the future. In doing so, we are hurting ourselves. It is not the Democrats nor the Republicans fault. It is not the medias fault or the Presidents fault. It is not global warming or Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Hams book. In doing so, we overlook who is to blame, the one right person and who to point all our fingers at. It is the individual who pulled the trigger! That is who we blame!

UC Berkeley counselors about to treat first Shapiro-triggered patient (who didn’t even hear his speech) –

I am a big Shapiro fan. We really should be embarrassed that a speaker at a college will cause students to seek out counselors. We all need to stop paying attention to those kinds of actions. And that includes me. I think it is just so unbelievable I have to read or watch about the snowflakes.

Prepared for the real world? Well, not really.

Source: UC Berkeley counselors about to treat first Shapiro-triggered patient (who didn’t even hear his speech) –

Sucking the Joy Out of Everything – Derek Hunter

I love this article and the comments are even better. There really is hope out there we just need to know where to look.

I love football and my husband and I could always find something on ESPN to watch when we just needed to unwind. One by one those little joys are being taken away from folks like me who want to watch something on TV that is not political. Who would have thought sports was the next in line on the leftest agenda to peck away, now sports fans who are Republican, Conservative, or any different views held?

Remember when people used to let things go? When people would just get along, not hunt for secret meanings behind actions and ways to be offended for the sake of being offended? Thanks to the progressive left that day is done.

Source: Sucking the Joy Out of Everything – Derek Hunter

Memphis VA hospital among worst in country dubbed “house of horrors”

A “house of horrors” is not what you want your hospital to be called. If we cannot get our VA hospitals, that care for those men and women, who with no questions asked would lay down their own life to protect my life and a whole nations life. How the heck is free health care to all, one payer health care policy going to be the best health care for all Americans? My gosh, we can’t take care of our Vets! Maybe address that issue first. Fix our VA hospitals before the mention of one payer health care policy.

A trove of internal documents obtained by USA TODAY Network shows the scope of problems at the Memphis VA hospital, one of the worst in the nation

Source: Memphis VA hospital among worst in country dubbed “house of horrors”

A “house of horrors”

“It’s a house of horrors,” said Sean Higgins, a former logistics technician at the hospital.

Then there was the botched surgery in September 2016. An internal report says VA clinicians inserted a catheter into an artery that supplied blood to the veteran’s right foot but could not get it past a narrowed portion of the vessel. They pulled it out and administered medications to try and lessen any blockages.

What they didn’t realize is that they had not removed plastic packaging on the catheter before inserting it. And the packaging stayed in his leg.

An investigation found that after the procedure he had lost complete blood flow through the artery. The amputation came 22 days later.


CNN’s Tapper Shuts Down Rosie O’Donnell In Battle Over Griffin Photo

What is wrong with Rosie? I could make a few guesses, but it would not be nice. And Jake Tapper, he is one of the best out there and one of the fairest. If CNN could now get more hosts like Jake they could be one of the best news channels. They would give someone like me a “home” to go to for news.

Fox is all Trump all the time with their little leashes on as puppies as Trump leads them around looking for a place to mark their spot and Trump saying good puppies, good puppies. Then we have, MSNBC. I should not have to say anymore then, MSNBC, but come on, I have to be fair. They sit there forgetting why Trump was elected. Hillary was just that bad! They are so happy with Trumps failure they forget how bad it is for America. I did not want Obama to screw us and happy when he did. Why? It hurt all of us.

My gosh!



Source: CNN’s Tapper Shuts Down Rosie O’Donnell In Battle Over Griffin Photo