First time is not always the hardest

I have two sites here. My primer site, and this current one. I love to write, I am a news junkie, I love learning our history, and I love politics.

I became sick, I stopped writing all together. And that is when I started not writing. I am trying to move on from that part of my life. I do not want to talk about being sick, I do not want to talk about breast cancer. I just want to move on.

I loved to write as long as can remember. But more often then not, I got in trouble as a child for what I wrote about. What does most preteen, and teenager complain about, parents. Needless to say, my writing  was never went over good.

So, here I sit. Trying to do a good Blog. The Blog that I had, was a good Blog. I was proud of that Blog. I had a following, I had people link to that Blog. I let it all go. Trying to capture that site has been so hard!

If you write for anyone else but yourself, it will not work. That is what I believe, and I have to follow that belief. I think now that I am trying to get back into what I love, I was writing for others, not for myself.

I have to just go for it!